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30 Yin Yoga Poses Video Tutorials

Yin yoga poses YouTube

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Whether you’re a newbie to Yin yoga, an avid Yin practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level, or a Yin yoga teacher, this short course explaining 30 of the main Yin yoga poses will be a great asset to your Yin yoga experience.

These 30 short tutorials of the main Yin poses explain: 

  • How to enter and leave the poses.
  • Various propping options according to your unique bone structure and tensile restrictions in the tissues of your body.
  • Potential target areas to both stretch and compress throughout your time in the Yin poses.
  • The corresponding meridian lines in Chinese Medicine to work with whilst in the Yin yoga poses.
  • Ideas for how to counterpose each Yin pose.
  • Suggestions of how to take a rebound after releasing the Yin yoga poses.

Lateral Straddle Pose Yin Yoga Yin yoga poses free YouTube course

Free Yin yoga YouTube course

This insightful Yin yoga YouTube course is free for all to view. Simply download the interactive pose directory, click on the icon for the Yin pose that you would like to review and you’ll get directed to the corresponding Yin yoga YouTube tutorial. Each of these 30 Yin yoga asana breakdowns is between 6-12 minutes long and covers all of the main Yin poses.  

Why not set yourself a 30-day Yin challenge and review a pose a day for a month? It’s amazing how much you can expand your knowledge of Yin yoga in around 10 minutes a day. Each mini insight forms a building block to help yourself or others deepen your understanding of your unique body and mind.

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Further resources

If you are interested in applying everything that you’ve learnt in this course to some inspiring practices rooted in The Five Elements, then check out Flow Publications supporting book: In My Element: Yin yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese 5 elements. Head over to Amazon to have a look inside the book now.

This inspiring Yin yoga book fuses the ancient wisdom of Taoist philosophy, Chinese Medicine and Western anatomy and physiology, to bring you creative and intelligent Yin yoga sequence ideas. 

Yin yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese 5 Elements
Yin yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese 5 Elements

As with the 30 Yin yoga poses course, you will find in-depth explanations of how to apply functional anatomy and meridian work to your Yin yoga sequences. In My Element, is also filled with beautiful meditations, Toasist prose and an in-depth explanation of each of the Five Elements. A fantastic tool for Yin yoga teachers and practitioners alike and a beautiful reference book for your collection. 

Which poses are included in the free Yin yoga YouTube course?

Half Saddle Pose, Prone Spinal Twist, Happy Baby Pose, Squat Pose, Childs Pose, Bananasana, Lateral Straddle, Supine Spinal Twists, Graceful Bow Pose, Frog and Tadpole Pose, Snail Pose, Side Body Opener, Sphinx and Seal Pose, Open and Broken Wings, Anahatasana, Shoelace Pose, Toe and Ankle stretch, Front and back of wrist stretch, Rolling Panda Pose, Dangling & Caterpillar Pose, Reclining Butterfly Pose, Swan & Deer Pose, Straddle Pose, Butterfly Pose, Half Butterfly Pose, Figure 4 Pose, Dragon Variations, Cat Pulling its Tail, Bridge & Pontoon Pose.


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