5 Yoga poses you can secretly practice throughout your working day

5 Everyday Yoga poses for throughout your day

Posted: 27th March 2017 by Emma Wall

Undercover yoga for cases of yogaholism! Everyday yoga poses you can secretly practice throughout your working day.

Isn’t it annoying how real life can get in the way of your yoga practice? The commute to work, being stuck in the office, the supermarket run and busy social lives, all get in the way of our precious time on the mat. Don’t you just wish that you could practice yoga everywhere some days, and whenever you needed it? Well with these 5 everyday yoga poses there’s no need to stop your favourite practice just because you can’t get to your mat. And the best thing is the unknowing Jo public will never even know what you’re up to, meaning that you don’t get embarrassingly tarnished with the brush of being a yogaholic! (Even though you secretly are one).

Everyday Yoga in the office

5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhere5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhereSeated Cat-Cow

If you’re lucky enough to have a James Bond villain style office chair then you can while away many an office hour with this chair yoga and nobody will be any the wiser! Starting the action each time from your sacrum (bottom end of your spine), tilting the pelvis forward and back. Allow the back to arch as you tilt the pelvis forward and then to slightly round when tilting back whilst at the same time hollowing out your midsection.

Cat-Cow Benefits: Releases the spine, pelvis and hips helping to ease back and neck discomfort associated with sitting at the desk all day.

Everyday Yoga In the supermarket

5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhere

Toe strengtheners

Simple stand on your tiptoes instead of flat-footed when reading the back of a packet of quinoa, tofu or the likes of. Need some kale from the bottom shelf? Why not scoop down to reach it via 5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywherea toe squat, keeping your torso straight upright and letting all the movement come from your legs (NB: Please keep your focus and balance in this second one. As finding a yogi face planted in the Fairtrade bananas is not a good look!)

Toe Strengthener Benefits: good foot health is so undervalued and overlooked in our society, yet so important to your lower body health and alignment. Not only will you strengthen the bones in your feet and ankles doing these exercises but you will also tone your calves and thighs, whilst working on your balance and poise.

Everyday Yoga at the bus stop

5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhere

Mountain pose

To most people, you will just appear to be waiting for a bus. But secretly you’ll be practising spreading your toes, lifting up through your legs, lightly drawing your tailbone under and your naval in, broadening across your chest and extending up through your spine until you feel like your head is reaching up into the clouds.

Mountain pose Benefits: Improves your posture and strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles, whilst helping to reduce flat feet. Firms your abdomen and buttocks and is both calming and empowering at the same time.

Yoga whilst talking to friends

5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhere

Cross your arms behind your back holding onto opposite elbows. Not only will you get a good stretch across your chest, but you’ll also appear more open and receptive to what your friend’s saying.

Chest Opening Benefits: stretches out tight pectorals caused by a slumped posture at your desk, opening your heart and giving more space for air to enter your lungs. You also strengthen your upper back muscles.

Everyday Yoga whilst watching TV

5 secret yoga poses that can be performed anywhere

Supported Cobra

It’s time to get down (on the floor) with the kids and watch the TV the way that they do. Lie on your belly with your arms folded out just in front of your chest and place a cushion or two under your ribs for support whilst grounding down through your pelvis. This is like the Yin yoga pose Sphinx.

Supported Cobra Benefits: This pose strengthens the spine helping to eliminate back pain, especially in the lower back. You’ll also tone your shoulders and stretch out your chest and abdomen.

To learn more about how you can practice yoga at home with the help of some simple props click here.

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