Wooden wobble board for exercise and rehabilitation

Wooden wobble board for stability, strength training & rehabilitation

Wooden wobble board for home gym and rehab

Why we love it:

A wooden wobble board is a great little bit of kit to add to your home gym. Use your balance board for core strength training, as part of a bodyweight workout or to help with rehabilitation after an injury. Wobble boards are a fantastic way to train your proprioception as a board sports lover as they really wake up all of the stabilizing muscles that you might use when out riding. The Sportneer balance board is also very good for your joint health and can help to rebuild strength after an injury to the ankles and knees.

With 360 degrees rotation and 10-20 degrees inclination angle, this large based wooden wobble board has a grippy non-slip surface to help with stability. Use the wobble board by a wall at first if you’re working on improving your balance. In time you may find you can include a whole range of simple exercises into your balance board workouts such as squats, lunges, press-ups and twists. With regular use, you’ll see your coordination and strength greatly improve and you’ll reap the benefits in your complimentary sport of choice.

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wobble board work out for home gym

Wooden wobble board for strength conditioning and rehab

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