Stability ball for yoga/pilates/surf training

Stability ball with resistance bands

best stability ball exercises with this gym ball with base

Why we love it:

There are so many ways that you can integrate a stability ball into your home workout and conditioning regime. Stability ball exercises help improve your core stability and there is a whole range of stability ball core exercises explained in the accompanying exercise book to this product. Gym balls are an accessible way to train for all, making stability ball exercises for beginners an ideal entry-level into some basic training.

Whether you’re into surfing, yoga, pilates, cross-training or simply want to improve your core strength and posture, stability balls have a whole range of applications. Exercise balls are also very useful in rehabilitation programmes, pain management and exercises for seniors. Your gym ball can even be used instead of a chair in your home office.

This complete stability ball kit comes with resistance bands for leg, arm and chest workouts. It has a wealth of accompanying guides and posters to help you plan which are the best stability ball exercises for your needs. And you have five colours to choose from.

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home fitness ball for rehabilitation and conditioning

stability ball core exercises at home

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