Self myofascial release home kit

Myofascial release therapy kit

Self Myofascial Release Home Kit

Why we love it:

Self-myofascial release plays an important role in maintaining the health and mobility of our tissues. Myofascial release therapy helps to break up adhesions in the tissues which could restrict movement and the free flow of regenerative fluids. Myofascial release also helps with pain management as a myofascial massage helps to build proprioception in stagnant areas that may have been dulled by nociceptors, the body’s sensory receptor for painful stimuli.

This home massage kit has all the essentials to ease muscle soreness and improve recovery time after training. In your Myofascial release therapy kit, you have a hard roller for deep tissue release, particularly good for releasing tight backs and outer hips. The roller stick is great for working on myofascial release in the legs. The balls work with areas like the rotator cuff, scapula and neck and are also good for releasing specific trigger point problem areas.

Self-myofascial release can be done in as little as 5 minutes after your workout if you just want to target a problem area. Or you can dedicate one or two longer myofascial massage sessions a week to working through your whole body. Whatever approach you choose you definitely won’t regret integrating myofascial release therapy into your home self-care routine.

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myofascial release therapy kit

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