Natural Magnesium Spray

Natural magnesium spray for quicker muscle recovery

Natural Magnesium Oil

Why we love it:

This topical magnesium lotion is one of the best ways to help ease muscle soreness after training. Applying magnesium oil to your overworked or tight muscles can help with pain relief, making it a natural alternative to pain relief tablets. PraNaturals Dead Sea Magnesium Oil Spray is a natural magnesium oil that is both vegan and soil associated certified.

The best way to use magnesium oil is to apply it to your dried body after a shower. This helps with the direct absorption of this important mineral into your system, meaning that you feel the benefits of the magnesium oil working instantaneously. You can apply natural magnesium oil by rubbing it gently into your whole body or just apply it to problem areas such as your neck or calves. Applying magnesium oil before bed is said to greatly improve the quality of your night’s sleep as magnesium oil aids natural sleep. Magnesium spray uses also extend to your hair as a product to relieve dry and itchy scalps and increase circulation at the hair follicles. You can even use natural magnesium spray as a stain remover on your teeth!

Magnesium oil spray is also said to help manage levels of stress and anxiety. Add a few drops of this relaxing oil to your bath just as you would with bath salts, to help you unwind and relax your body and mind. Be aware that magnesium spray can sometimes produce a slight burning or itchy sensation at first when your skin first starts to absorb it, but this normally settles down relatively quickly.

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Topical magnesium lotion - natural magnesium spray


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