Large essential oil set & diffuser

Starter kit diffuser blends with oil diffuser

starter kit diffuser blends and diffuser

Why we love it:

This large essential oil set and room diffuser are the perfect way to start introducing the benefits of aromatherapy into your home. Essential oils have a whole wealth of benefits for those who prefer to take a more holistic approach to their wellbeing. You can create essential oil blends for headaches, diffuser blends for colds with chamomile, flu diffuser blends and calming lavender diffuser blends for stress relief. Diffusing tea tree oil, for example, is said to boost the immune system and fight infections and ylang-ylang diffuser blends act as an aphrodisiac! With 12 oils to choose from, this large essential oil set has a scent for most occasions.

And the wonderful thing is that you need not restrict essential oil usage to the home. Essential oils in the classroom can help create a serene environment for people to study in or practice yoga. And using oil such as invigorating lemon in your diffuser for work can help with concentration.

This is one of the best starter kit diffuser blends to get you going with aromatherapy as it has all of the most important scents included. The oil diffuser has 7 different colour options to choose from, meaning you can also use it as a gentle ambient light. The room diffuser is BPA-free PP plastic and has an auto shut-off function. Meaning that you can leave it on when you go to sleep. All you have to do is create your diffuser blend of choice and sit back and enjoy the benefits. A fantastic gift idea for a loved one.

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large essential oil set

Large essential oil set and diffuser

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