High quality cork yoga block

The best quality eco-yoga block

High quality yoga block from Manduka

Why we love it:

A high-quality cork yoga block can really make a difference in your practice. Cork yoga blocks offer much more stability than their foam counterparts, especially for challenging poses that require you to place all of your weight onto them such as arm balances. The surface of this high-quality yoga block gives you a non-slip grip, making them ideal for use in a hot yoga studio. And the heavily weighted nature of them allows you to stand on them without the fear of tipping off. This cork yoga block also acts as a sturdy mediation seat, giving you a supported grounded feeling under your sit bones.

This important yoga prop also scores high on the eco-credentials. Made from100 per cent cork; harvested under strict regulations designed to conserve the cork oak tree, and produced without toxic chemicals during harvesting and manufacturing.

No yoga practitioner should be without a set of yoga blocks in their kit. And by buying a high-quality cork yoga block you’ll ensure that you can benefit from its use for many years to come due to its durability. So you can spend less time worrying about your carbon footprint and more time focusing on refining your yoga practice. Whether you use the block to build strength, for stability, to support joints or to lengthen limbs, a cork yoga block will become an essential part of your yoga kit.

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high quality cork yoga block

Best quality cork yoga block from Manduka

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