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Why we love it:

What is not to love about an electric massage therapy machine! This handy home neck and shoulder massager is a must-have for anyone who does a lot of upper body training, such as surfers or cross-fitters. It’s also the perfect home remedy after being sat at a desk all day. This shiatsu 2 in 1 back and shoulder massager is great for releasing tight upper back and neck muscles such as the upper trapezius and the scalenes.

it’s not always possible or financially viable to get to a sports massage therapist as much as we would like. And whilst there’s no substitute for manual therapy, this massage machine helps to keep the neck and shoulders released in-between visits. Pop the sling around your neck in the evening whilst watching TV and massage your back and shoulders while you wind down at the end of the day.

With infra-red balls that rotate to help stimulate the tissues of the cervical and thoracic spine and to help bring pain relief. This electric massage therapy machine will definitely be one of your most welcomed additions to your home self-care kit.

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