Balance board for surf training

Balance board for surfer/skaters/kite surfers/snowboarders

Epic wave balance board for surf training

Why we love it:

Balance board for surf training will help you to build your proprioception and keep all of your stabilising muscles in tune. Keep your surfing muscles primed in those moments when you can’t make it out for a surf with the use of this awesome balance board. Not only for surfers; skaters, kite surfers and snowboarders will also benefit from balance board training. But let’s face it, we board sports lovers tend to ride across a few disciplines.

With a beautiful finish and some sick surf-inspired graphics on the deck, this is one of the best balance boards we’ve found in terms of performance, quality and price. A fun way to burn fat and build muscle that the whole family will love to have a go with. This balance board for surf training has a clear grip on its surface, which will allow you to keep your feet in place whilst you try some trick positions. The roller also comes in a variety of colour options.

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balance board surf training - Epic Waves

 best design balance board with wave graphic


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