Private Yoga Classes

 Private yoga classes Portsmouth & Hayling Island

Private Yoga Classes

Would you prefer a more personalised yoga experience in your own home? Looking to address issues such as lower back pain, tight hips or anxiety? Or maybe you just don’t have time to get to a regular yoga class but would like to create a yoga practice to use at home? Then maybe private yoga classes are for you.

Ocean Flow Fitness offers private yoga classes to suit all needs, from yoga therapy, body awareness and mindfulness techniques to specific asana development and athletic complementary work.

Emma has worked with everyone from teens to chair yoga for OAPs and everything in between! With her 1000 hours of training in Multi-style yoga and a Yoga Alliance Experienced Yoga Teacher accreditation, Emma is well equipped to create a class that fits you and your needs, whatever they may be!

Hourly rates for private 1-2-1 and small group yoga classes:

1 person: £40

2 people: £50

3 people: £55

4/5 people: £60

                                                                                                  6 + people: £12 per head

Alternatively, join the Online Studio for live weekly yoga classes in the privacy of your own home. 

About Emma:

Passionate about introducing people to a holistic approach to health and happiness, my devotion to movement and mindfulness stem from a love of yoga, mixed movement arts and all things out on the water, in particular surfing!

I have over 1000 hours of international yoga teacher training and manual therapy studies behind me and 5 years of hands-on experience running my own yoga studio, Ocean Flow Fitness. My inspirations draw equally from the ancient Eastern philosophies and sciences such as Taoism and TCM, as from up to the minute developments in the world of physiology and fitness.

As a yoga teacher, I try to arm all students, regardless of their level, with the tools that they need to explore their own practices in an informed, sustainable and safe way. This means helping you to find an alignment that’s right for your individual body and mind, not simply an aesthetic ideal. This is achieved through the building of anatomical, breath and energetic awareness. Following the teachings of Yin Yang theory, I believe in the importance of developing strength, flexibility and mobility in the body, heart and mind for a fully rounded yoga practice and healthier, happier bodies off the mat.

I try to help students to embody all aspects of conscious living. I believe that the individualised approach of practices such as Yin yoga; that work with your unique physiological, emotional and energetic makeup, has never been more needed in our complex modern world. And that the tools that we learn on the mat strengthen our lives off the mat.

Forever a humble student to the teachings that the beautiful practice of yoga has to offer us.


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