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Ocean Flow Fitness Online Studio

Weekly live & recorded yoga, mixed movement & mindfulness classes

The Ocean Flow Fitness Online Studio brings you 2 live-streamed classes a week. With recordings sent out of any class, you are booked onto, whether you can attend it live or not. This means you will never miss a practice and can repeat your favourite classes in your own time. There is also an on-demand video library for All-Acces members to use as and when the time suits.

Accessible Yoga, Mindfulness and Mixed Movement classes bought directly to your home, with no two classes the same! The online studio classes explore everything from Western anatomy and physiology to spiritual wisdom and holistic health practices from the East.


What’s on offer at the Online Studio?

All classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Yin Yang Flow – Tue 6 pm (GMT)

A yoga, mindfulness & mixed movement class fusing Eastern philosophy and practices with Western physiology.

The perfect combination of more active Yang-like styles of movement practices, with gentler Yin styles of yoga and mindfulness. Perfect for bringing your body and mind into a harmonised state.

Yin Yoga & Meditation – Wed 5 pm (GMT)

The perfect class to ground and destress.

A deeply meditative practice with long-held floor poses to release deep into the tight tissues of the body and tensions of the mind. With breath awareness practices to ground into the present moment.

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Class packs:

All class payments, bookings and cancellations are managed and streamed through my class booking system Instabook.

Single class – £8.50

Block of 4 – £26

Cancellation is available up to 8 hrs beforehand and video recordings of the class are sent out to any class you have booked onto.


Booking & streaming Ocean Flow Fitness Online Studio classes with Instabook

How to Buy & Book classes:

2. Click “Log In” (far top right)
3. Add details to “Create Account” which is on the right-hand side.
4. Click “pricing” top right side.
5. Click “Buy” on the class pack you wish to purchase.
6. Card details will appear, enter card details and click “Add this Card” (* Just to note, you will only ever need to enter card details once)
7. Once entered, select the little button next to “View My Cards”, select the card you want to use and purchase the class pack/ membership.
8. A pop-up will then appear that the payment has been successful and this will now be on your account.
8. Click “Schedule” top right side.
9. Click “Book” on any class you want to book.
Please note you will only have to add your card details the first time you create your account. For any proceeding class purchases just sign in to your account and Buy & Book away!

How to Join Live Stream

2. Make sure you are logged in and have booked the class you would like to join.
3. Click on “Schedule” which is at the top right-hand side.
4. Click on the class you are about to join a couple of minutes before class starts.
5. A class description will appear in a pop-up with a JOIN LIVE STREAM button underneath the class description.
6. Click JOIN LIVE STREAM. This will take you directly to the online class via Zoom. (Please note that you must already have downloaded on the device you’re using to stream classes. This is a free app or software download for you. Zoom prefers Chrome as your web browser).
7. Enjoy the class!

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