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In My Element

In My Element Yin yoga guide and sequencing

Inspirational yoga guide, with sequencing ideas for yoga teachers and practitioners

Yin Yoga & The Five Elements

This book aspires to alight your imagination and inform your practice through the beautiful language of The Five Elements and Yin yoga. Whether you’re using this book as a yoga practitioner or a yoga teacher, In My Element serves as an inspirational portal to developing practices exclusive to your unique bodies and minds. Fusing the ancient Eastern wisdom of Taoist philosophy and Chinese Medicine with Western physiology, this book guides you through creative and intelligent Yin yoga sequencing suitable for all. You will also discover practice and propping guidance, meditations, breathwork, poetry and ways to harmonise each element.

Take a look inside this book:

Wood Yin Yoga Poses - Yin yoga guide: In my Element Wood Element poses in Yin yoga guide Wood element yoga sequencing guide Target areas for the Wood element in Yin yoga The Wood meridians Yin yoga guides How to harmonise the Wood element In My Element: Breathwork

Meditation for the Wood element in Yin yoga: Movement and mindfulness book





















In this book:

Yin Yoga poses which target the energetic meridian lines connected to that element.
How these meridian lines correspond with Western physiology and the poses target areas to stimulate and stretch.
A Yin Yoga sequence explained in-depth for each element.
Suggested propping and ways to enter and leave the poses and meditations.
A self-inquiry suggested practice for each element.
Guided meditations inspired by each element.
Pranayama breathwork drawing on the energy of each element.
Beautiful Toaist and Zen Buddhist quotes to inspire your practice.
Ways to harmonise each element.



Yin yoga sequence with Butterfly Pose

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About the Author

Yoga guides, Movement and mindfulness from Emma Wall

Emma is a yoga teacher, author and lifestyle blogger. Her passion lies in fusing up to date developments in Western health, fitness and wellbeing, with ancient Eastern practices and wisdom.

She has worked internationally as a yoga teacher and Yin yoga teacher trainer, as well as running her yoga studio, Ocean Flow Fitness, on the South Coast of England.

Emma believes wholeheartedly in the importance of educating people on how to create yoga and mindfulness practices that are unique to their physiological make-up and energetic blueprint. Her intelligent class sequencing arms practitioners and teachers with informed and creative ways to delve deeper into the body and mind.


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