Dealing with Overwhelm

The 4 effective steps for dealing with overwhelm

Life can be tough, complicated, confusing and somewhat overwhelming to deal with. Sometimes the world spins so fast that we wish we could just jump off. We look for the rule book, only to discover that there’s no one way of doing things, which only adds to our exasperation further. We search for answers, but in the process of doing so, just come up against more questions.

Luckily there are four simple practices that can always help to ground you whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by life. So if you’re currently in a state of – stop the world I’m getting off! – then try these four steps for dealing with overwhelm to help you relocate your centre. And the great thing is that you can practice them any time and anywhere. Sometimes it’s just a case of stopping for breath and stilling to give the spinning chaos a chance to stop.


Whether through meditation or simply sitting quietly in nature. Stilling your body will begin to calm your nervous system and whirling mind so that it can begin to unpack the layers of noise that you’re experiencing.


Anchor into the present moment by scanning through each of your senses. Stop and look at the sky, listen to the birds, feel the wind on your skin, notice the smells filling the air and then notice the taste of the air in your mouth


By simply following your breath as it enters and leaves your body, you encourage the mind to stop constantly replaying past situations or fretting about future outcomes and begin to embody the present moment. The only moment that truly exists is now.

Loving Kindness

Send yourself and others some loving kindness. Remember if things don’t turn out like you hoped they would, if you don’t respond to a situation like you feel you should have, you’re only human, as are those around you. We’re all just trying to do the best we can with what we’ve got and some things are just out of our control. So don’t be so hard on yourself, or others, you’ve got this!

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Dealing with overwhelm Infographic

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