Cool yoga gifts and gifts for surfers

Cool yoga gifts and ocean essentials

Posted: 20th November 2020

If, you have a friend or a family member that is passionate about yoga, surfing, or even both! Then the good news is that they’re easy to buy for when Christmas comes around. There’s a whole wealth of cool yoga gifts and ocean essentials out there, just waiting to get snapped up in your shopping basket. 

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Vegan duck pancakes

Chinese style crispy vegan wraps

Posted: 8th July 2020

These Chinese style crispy vegan wraps are so moreish even the carnivores amongst you will be left wanting more! Pulled mushroom, seaweed & hoisin wrap( AKA Vegan duck pancakes) and Crispy vegan wrap with tofu, sweet Romero pepper and chilli. Healthy alternatives to Chines takeaway favourites.

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Beetroot soup recipe

Beetroot soup recipe for summer

Posted: 18th June 2020

A beetroot soup recipe that makes for a deliciously light meal for a hot summers day. Packed with antioxidants and digestive health properties. This cold beetroot soup is perfect for refreshing your palate and filling you with goodness when the heat is on.

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