Surf stretches for between sets

Surf stretches for between sets

Posted: 5th April 2018 by Emma Wall

Simple surf stretches that you can perform with your board

whilst out in the lineup

Is your mind telling you to stay out catching waves but your body’s beginning to tell you otherwise? Here’s a set of simple surf stretches that you can perform with your board whilst still out on the water. Take advantage of the lull between sets to give your back body, outer hips and upper back a bit of light relief between waves. These surf stretches are a great way to put flat spells to good use and to help prolong your water time.

For stretches to perform whilst still on the beach click here.

For your whole back body, lower back, hamstrings and calves

Uses your surfboard to stretch out hamstrings

Use your board sideways like a giant float under each armpit and stretch your legs out to the other side of the board. From here grab both of your shins or feet. Allow your lower to round as much as possible as a counterpose from paddling about in a backbend.

The more you can pull your toes towards your body, the more the back of your legs will lengthen. Drop your chin to chest to also release your back of the neck. You can focus on one leg at a time If you’re particularly tight in the hamstrings .Or if you can reach both feet with your hands then you can really push your toes into them to encourage the release of the lower back.

Hamstring and calf stretch for surfers

For your outer hips, hip rotators and glutes

hip stretch for whilst surfing

Continue using your board as afloat, but this time cross one ankle over the opposite knee into a floating figure of four position. The closer you bring your crossed ankle and knee towards your board the deeper stretch you’ll get in the glute and IT band of the top leg. Trust me your hips are going to love you for this one mid-session!.

For aftercare stretches see Post-surf Yin yoga routine.

For your ribs, upper back, neck, chest, deltoids and triceps

Let’s face it, our upper back gets a pounding when we’re out surfing for hours. These next few exercises can stretch out those tired muscles around your shoulders and neck and can be done whilst sitting on your board.

Surf stretches for side body

Firstly just grab your opposite wrist and take a nice side stretch to give the muscles between your ribs, your intercostals, a bit of respite.

Surf stretches for shoulders whilst on your board

Next, cross one arm under the other and then wrap your arms to the best of your ability. This may mean just working the backs of your hands towards each other, or you may be able to clap the front of your palms together. Either way, you should feel a nice stretch in your upper trapezius muscles and rhomboids, especially if you tuck your chin as well.

chest opener for surfers on their board

Finally, reach up and over your shoulder with one arm and then bring the opposite arm down and round behind your back. See if you can reach your hands together. This will stretch out the triceps of the top arm and the deltoids and pecs of the lower arm. If you can’t reach your hands together, try holding onto your rash vest or wetsuit and pull on it as resistance.

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