Best charities for ocean conservation

Best charities for Ocean Conservation UK

Posted: 29th May 2020 by Emma Wall

The best ocean conservation charities fighting for the future of our home waters and beaches

Whether you’re a surfer, paddleboarder, a coastal adventurer or beach bum, the joy our British coastlines and waters bring us are limitless in their gifts. However, those of us who frequent the ocean are sadly only too aware of the devastation that pollution is wreaking on our aquatic playgrounds. As we flick plastic bags from our wrists when paddling for a wave, or crunch over the shards of plastic strewn across our seashore walks. Never have charities for ocean conservation and NGO’s fighting plastic pollution, been so needed as now.

If you truly love your ocean and the shores on to which their waters break, then this list of the best UK charities for ocean conservation will flow with you. From surf NGO’s and marine conservation groups to the RNLI, these best ocean conservation charities are helping to keep our waters safe and clean for our future. So dive into this ocean conservation NGO list and fish out a cause that you want to support and get involved with.

Surf NGO

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage logo

Together we are the voice of the ocean – a poignant moto for those to whom the water means everything, surfers! Surfers Against Sewage aspire to inspire, unite and empower communities to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

This UK based surf NGO organises everything from regular beach-clean events to awareness campaigns such as Mass Unwrap. They also educate our ocean-loving community on how to go plastic-free. SAS has a multitude of ways that you allow you to actively participate in cleaning up our salty spiritual homes. Or head over now to their page to donate and get in touch with your local rep to see how you can get involved.

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NGO fighting plastic pollution & Ocean conservation for kids

Plastic Oceans UK

plastic-oceans logo

With some solid backing from one of our national conservation treasures, Sir David Attenborough, Plastic Oceans award-winning documentary A plastic ocean catapulted their mission into the public eye. With a keen focus on building awareness about ocean conservation for kids, Plastic Oceans UK is educating our next generation about how to keep our oceans and beaches plastic-free.

This UK charity for marine conservation offers a fantastic selection of free resources for teachers, including marine conservation education plans across multiple subjects. All their educational materials are written by established scientists in marine conservation. Plastic Oceans have a wealth of research-backed resources and educational days for children and adults alike.

Marine conservation groups

Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society Logo

One of the best charities for ocean conservation in the UK, this collection of campaigners, divers, volunteers and biologists are striving for the sustainable health of our British waters and shores. With the onus being on putting less into the water and taking less out, the MCS is looking to sustain the future of our natural marine environments.

The MCS’s projects include supporting biodiversity in our marine environments, encouraging sustainable fishing practices and the protection of endangered species. They also organise various beach clean projects and environmental volunteer opportunities across the UK. If you’d like to show their cause some support, but can’t currently get involved in volunteering, then they have a great clothing range at their online shop which is all organic cotton British produced. 

Local marine conservation groups

Plastic Free North Devon


Striving to keep the beautiful beaches of North Devon as the stunning national treasure nature spots that they are. Plastic Free North Devon is one of many examples of local plastic pollution NGO’s throughout the country taking measures to reset their communities relationship with plastic usage.

If you’ve ever enjoyed this area’s surf or walked its charming coastal paths, then it’s important to recognise the impact that tourism has on the area. And whilst the economy benefits from the annual influx of tourists, unfortunately, the environment often doesn’t. Help to give something back to this warm local community by getting in touch with them to see what you can do.

International marine conservation groups


Greenpeace UK logo

One of the best charities for ocean conservation and protection on a global scale. Greenpeace continues to be the warriors of our oceans and earth alike. They’re currently involved in producing international ocean sanctuaries, whereby marine life is given the space and protection to regenerate and flourish. And with thriving marine environments comes the regulation of the climate and of important food stocks for many cultures. With currently only 1% of the worlds waters protected, Greenpeace has its work cut out to up this to the projected 30% by 2030 needed to halt the drastic decline of our oceans. 

So whether on a local level or by supporting large ocean conservation projects, what’s clear is, its time to act now for the future of our oceans. We have the opportunity to start reversing some of the immense damage that we’ve bestowed on our oceans and coastlines over the previous decades. It’s time once again for us to love and provide for our oceans, as they unconditionally love and provide for us.

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