Yin yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese 5 Elements

Yin yoga sequences applying The 5 Elements

Posted: 20th January 2021 by Emma Wall

In My Element: Yin yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese Five Elements

The inspirational new book from Flow Publications offers so much more than just Yin yoga sequences. Crammed full of insights into both Eastern and Western philosophy and physiology; In My Element serves as a portal to finding more flow and harmony in both your yoga practice and life.

Lovingly guiding you through each of the Chinese Five Elements, this book offers both yoga teachers and practitioners informed and intelligent ways to sequence their Yin yoga practices. With compelling Yin yoga sequences supported by a wealth of beautiful photography, as well as in-depth explanations of how to approach the poses according to your unique physiological and energetic blueprint. You will also find inspirational Taoist quotes, propping guidance, explanations of each of the meridian lines and how this translates into Western physiology, and ways to harmonise each element.

Yin yoga sequence with Butterfly Pose
Yin yoga sequence for the Water element with Butterfly Pose

Yin yoga sequences for both yoga teachers and practitioners

Whether you’re a busy yoga teacher looking to feed the beautiful poetry of the 5 Elements into your Yin yoga sequences, or a yoga practitioner looking to deepen your practice, this yoga book is accessible and easy to use for all.

Yin yoga sequences for every season of the year, whatever season of your life you find yourself in!

For an example Yin yoga sequence from the book, check out Water Element Yin Yoga Sequence

In My Element

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To read more about the Five Elements check out The 5 Elements in TCM & Yin yoga

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Emma believes wholeheartedly in the importance of educating people on how to create yoga and mindfulness practices that are unique to their physiological make-up and energetic blueprint. Her intelligent class sequencing arms practitioners and teachers with informed and creative ways to delve deeper into the body and mind.


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