Water meditation

Water meditation for clear skies of consciousness

Posted: 14th August 2020 by Emma Wall

This water meditation connects you with the energy of a stable mountain, the still waters of a lake and a clear blue sky. It draws on the characteristics of the Water element in Chinese Five-element theory, of turning inward to a quiet place of still introspection. The Water element is all about having the courage to face our fears and the wisdom to learn from what we encounter when we do so. Can you sit quietly while the clouds pass and the waters still, to reveal the light of clear consciousness that lies behind?

The Five elements – Water Element

If you’re a yoga teacher, then you may want to use this water meditation as part of a Water element themed Yin yoga class. Working with poses that target the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians in your Water practice, will help you to further channel into the energy of this element.

If you’re using this for personal reasons, then try recording the water meditation to replay to yourself. Or simply read it slowly in your head and then sit for ten minutes after, absorbing how it made you feel. You can also use it as inspiration for reading to children, adapting any parts which you think may be somewhat complex for them to grasp.

  • From a seated position, sway back and forth on your sit bones until you find a comfortable seated position. Feel the weight of your lower limbs grounding you into the earth below. Grow up tall through your spine, as if your head were reaching into the sky above.
  • Notice within you stillness, strength and poise, as you sit like a wise old mountain with snow at its peak.
  • Witness the bright blue sky above you with soft white clouds drifting across it.
  • Sense the flowing movement of the streams that journey down your mountain face, as you remain still and grounded beneath their running surfaces.
  • Observe as the waters of the streams run into a vast lake at your feet.
  • Bring your attention to the level of clarity in your mind. Notice any thoughts that are present and consider how these thoughts are manifesting in your physical body.
  • Begin to image your thoughts as clouds in the sky, the sky itself as your consciousness. Observe your thoughts as they come and go, like clouds passing across a big blue sky. 
  • The less we cling onto these thoughts, the more openings we begin to see in the clouds. Each gap in the clouds reveals to us the beautiful blue sky behind. Consider these openings like moments of clarity for the mind. Moments in which we can connect with our true nature and deep awareness. Know that no matter how clouded our minds may feel, the clear sky of consciousness is always there present behind.
  • Begin to feel streams of energy flowing down your through your body, like rivers of Qi. Follow its flow, from the crown of your head, along your arms, down through your torso, legs and spine. 
  • Like the metamorphosis of snow on a mountain peak into streams, waterfalls and lakes; the gel-like substances which run through the fascial network of your body can transform from a crystalline substance into something more fluid, with the application of the gentle stress of a Yin yoga pose. Feel deep into this spiders web of connective tissue that unites every bone, muscle and cell in your body.
  • Now, imagine yourself lying at the bottom of the lake at the foot of the mountain. Feel the cold, dense, dark waters all around you and be held by the energy of this calm abyss. 
  • As you swim to the water’s surface, you notice the reflection of the clear blue sky above you and the echo of the mountain, reflecting onto the still surface of the lake.

In My Element: Yin Yoga sequences guiding you through the Chinese Five Elements

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