Cool yoga gifts and gifts for surfers

Cool yoga gifts and ocean essentials

Posted: 20th November 2020 by Emma Wall

If, you have a friend or a family member that is passionate about yoga, surfing, or even both! Then the good news is that they’re easy to buy for when Christmas comes around. There’s a whole wealth of cool yoga gifts and ocean essentials out there, just waiting to get snapped up in your shopping basket. 

Fuel your loved one’s passions this Christmas with the Ocean Flow Fitness cool yoga gift ideas. There are also some suggestions for some awesome ocean essentials that any water lover would be stoked to receive. The only issue is that some of these yoga gifts and surfers gifts are so cool that you may find it hard not to slip a few extras into your shopping basket for yourself.

Cool Yoga Gifts

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Tibetan Singing bowls

This Tibetan singing bowl is a special gift for yoga lovers and meditators that will get them singing with glee. Tibetan singing bowls work with healing vibrations that resonate with the various chakras, depending on the tonal quality that they have. Perfect for using to ground yourself at the beginning or end of a yoga and meditation practice and a beautiful ornament for the house. 

This is in our cool yoga gift list as it’s something which you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, but are sure to be delighted with once you have one. This singing bowl comes with a cushion, pencil grip striker and a guide on how to play the bowl, making it a perfect Christmas gift for yoga lovers and meditators.

Gifts for yoga lovers - Tibetan Singing bowls - Cool yoga gift ideas

An inspirational read

Who doesn’t love a good coffee table book? This beautiful yoga guide makes for the perfect little something to gift a yoga-loving friend this Christmas.

Filled with beautiful imagery and prose, inspiring Yin yoga and meditation practices, and loads of practical easy to implement advice about how to live a more harmonious life in flow with the Chinese Five Elements. A must-read for anyone who’s looking to expand their horizons with Eastern mindfulness and wellbeing practices.

Yoga book - Cool yoga gift ideas

Find out more about Flow Publications here

A yoga and meditation bolster

Lotuscrafts have a beautiful range of bolsters and meditation cushions that deliver on both quality and understated style. Their natural colour tones and organic materials make them a yoga gift that would sit well in any yogi’s home. Perfect for deep relaxation in these colder months and slower-paced practices such as Yin yoga.Cool Yoga Gifts for Yin Yoga Lovers

An inversion table

This is the cool yoga gift that you never knew you needed until you have it. The benefits of an inversion practice in yoga are said to include; improving circulation and immunity, strengthening your core, energising and relaxing you simultaneously, the list goes on… However, many people don’t have the strength, technical know-how or confidence to be able to include inversions in their yoga practice, cue a yoga inversion table.

The FeetUp yoga trainer is an ingenious way to get into your yoga inversions safely and with ease. Designed in Germany and sustainably manufactured to a typically German high spec, this is one cool yoga gift that will flip Christmas gift-giving on its head.

Cool yoga gifts - Inversion table

A beautiful piece of yoga wall art

Channel your inner boho with this beautiful bohemium throw. An Indian cotton psychedelic throw that works just as well as a piece of wall art as it does a beach towel. This queen-size mandala tapestry throw would also make a fantastic bedspread or sofa covering. These throws make the perfect cool yoga gifts for those who love a touch of peace and love in their lives.

Yoga lovers gift ideas - Cool Yoga Gifts - Yoga wall art/throw

Awesome Surf Gifts

A changing robe

This gift for ocean lovers is an absolute game-changer! When it comes to getting out in the water in the colder months. Getting into a nice warm changing robe and out of your cold damp wetsuit is very welcome after a winter surf. Added to this they help to keep your discretion if you have to change outside by your car.

The Renegade adult changing robe poncho is made of thick microfibre towel that will keep you nice and warm throughout the colder winter water sessions. Faster drying than a regular towel, this practical surf gift comes with an extra-large hood to keep the winter winds off you. A heart (and body) warming gift idea for any die-hard water enthusiast.

Gifts for surfers and Ocean-lover gifts - Changing robe

A balance board

We all know that 2020 hasn’t been the best year for getting out and doing the things we love. But one of the best ways you can work on your surf training when life’s not allowing you to get out on the waves is with balance board training.

Whether you’re buying this gift for a surfer, skater or wakeboarder, this fantastic bit of home training kit will keep their balance fine-tuned ready for when they can get out on the water again.

One of the best quality balance boards on the market, the Revolution board is lightweight and smooth, with an ultra-tough roller which reduces sound and vibrations. With a super stylish design and high-quality finish and grip pad, this is one gift for surfers that will keep them entertained for hours on end. Whatever the weather!

Gifts for surfers and cool yoga gifts

Wetsuit gloves

December is the month that you see surfers cracking out the neoprene boots and gloves; anyone who is out there battling with the winter swell and winds will tell you that it’s starting to get pretty chilly in the water now. A good quality covering on your extremities can make all the difference to the amount of quality water time you get in when the temperature drops.

With a cosy Flashlining that drys quickly to keep your hands warm, stitchless seams so less water seeps in and gel palm grip. Rip Curl’s Flashbomb range is one you can trust to help keep those chills at bay.

Gifts for surfers -Wetsuit gloves

A Go Pro

Everyone knows that surfers have a bit of a posey side to them. And what better way to show off your skills to your friends than with some video footage of you out on the waves. However, this hard-wearing waterproof video camera is not only great for showing off, its also a fantastic way to analyse your surfing to help you pick up on mistakes that you may be unconsciously making.

This is the ultimate surf gadget and cool surfers gift that you just can’t fail with this Christmas. The only downside is that you may be made to watch countless hours of home surf footage once they get up and running with it.

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