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Posted: 15th December 2017 by Emma Wall

The best yoga playlist for a Yin Yang Flow

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Why music runs through my veins as well as my yoga classes

Growing up under a lineage of passionate and somewhat accomplished dancers I was always going to have beats flowing through my soul. And my yoga playlists were never destined to be just a mere afterthought! Ever since I can remember music has been an integral part of my life. From watching my Grandparents majestically whirl around a dance floor ballroom dancing, to sitting on the edges of mum’s secondary school contemporary dance classes when she was teaching. And my own explorations with dance, sound and vibrations from childhood dance classes to teenage hedonistic raves. Then later in life experiencing world music in all of its glorious shapes and colours as I’ve travelled around the globe. Music, vibrations and yoga experienced united in their most powerful form via chanting and Kirtans whilst in India. Every moment of my life experienced with a soundtrack to match.

Its no wonder then that with yoga I find this same connection with music and movement that has flowed throughout my life. The fact of the matter is that music helps me journey deeper into my soul. Music helps me quieten the white noise of everyday life and bring my senses into an acute state of feeling. Music during my yoga practice helps me access feeling and not just automatically doing. Helps me to become beautifully connected with the vibrations of life inside and out. Yoga music helps me feel ‘The Flow’ of life.

Music to write yoga classes to

So it is that I often sit down to write a yoga class and the flow will grow organically out of the music that I’ve got on. Or I will write a class and then it will take on a whole new dimension once adding particular tunes to it and grow into something so much more powerful.

I happily spend hours researching and compiling potential playlists for classes and then setting choreographed individual playlists to each section of a new class. Sometimes I revisit a class and the music that was fitting for the class at the moment that I wrote it, no longer resonates with me. So I change the playlist to reflect the new vibe that the class has taken on for me. After all one shouldn’t be precious about clinging onto past states and should know when it’s time to let something go.

Accessing all of the Ocean Flow Fitness Yoga playlists

As so many of my students seem to share my love for practising to music and often ask about the music I play in class, I have compiled a 90-minute yoga playlist with some of my current favourite songs from classes. I have made it on YouTube to make it accessible to everyone, however, if anyone would ever like to access all my 100’s of class playlists, then my Spotify account is open for you to connect to. Sharing is caring as they say! And I love the idea that this music brings people so much joy, so please feel free to follow me @emmawall.

The attached 90-minute playlist will take you through a journey not too dissimilar to one of my classes, whereby it starts on a chilled vibe to warm up to, then leads into some more upbeat music to flow to, then brings it back down again perfect for finishing floor work, before closing with some music for meditation.

Find your own free flow with this yoga playlist

Why not get creative and see if you can do a free flow practice to the yoga playlist? Allowing your practice to grow organically out of the vibrations of the music. You don’t have to use the whole thing. Just pick and choose the part that suits you that day. Or maybe use these songs as a basis to start your musical exploration of related artists. 

Enjoy the vibrations, you beautiful people. Om Shanti and Namaste.

If you’d like to check out all the Ocean Flow Fitness class playlists then click on the public Spotify account.

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