8 Best YouTube videos for body and mind 2018

Best YouTube videos for body and mind

Posted: 9th December 2018 by Emma Wall

Ocean Flow Fitness YouTube playlist

The best of YouTube now brings us multidisciplinary fitness coaching and a wealth of wellbeing and mindfulness resources directly to our homes. Through YouTube, we have a diverse range of virtual studios and resources at our disposal, offering everything from workouts to workshops.

The list of videos below is reflective of my personal journey with YouTube as a compliment to my movement and mindfulness practices. Some videos have been my go-to home practices, some have been discourses that I have gone to time and time again and some have been gateways to further readings and studies. I hope you find at least some of them of interest.

For cultivating your inner Yogi and Warrior

The continuing rise in popularity of the man behind Budokon yoga; Cameron Shayne is not without reason. Cameron is one of the fathers of the mixed movement arts culture, who along with the likes of Chris Heria from THENX, have been flooding the internet with insightful YouTube videos. Cameron shows us the power and grace behind bodyweight and mobility training (not to mention his far from shabby bare chest!). In this free 30 minute home practice expect to mobilise your joints, build strength and fluidity and meditate on some wise words.


For probably the best overview of Eastern philosophies in existence.

Dealing mainly with the concepts behind Taoism, but feeding elements of Confucianism, Zen Buddhism and a bit of Indian and Western theology in for good measure. No voice rings clearer or more eloquently than Alan Watts’s on this often hard to grasp and even harder to put into words ancient Chinese philosophy which states that “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


To read about how both yoga and surfing draw from the lessons of Taoism click here.

For when your home yoga practice needs some disciplining

As my yoga teacher and manual therapy training develop I’m delving deeper into the reality of variable anatomy. This means that personally, I find the universal alignment cues from Ashtanga yoga no longer ring as true for me. However, I do still enjoy the powerful effects a full primary series practise has on my body. This Video with Clayton Horton is the best intermediate-level YouTube video for a home Ashtanga practise I’ve found. I won’t tell Clayton that we’re breaking some of the alignment rules if you don’t!


For teachers, managers or anyone in a position of power

key concepts of the philosophy. As a Teacher, I personally connect to this YouTube video as it offers some amazing insights for anyone who holds some kind of position of influence. Indeed much of the classic Taoist text, the Tao Te Ching, was in fact written as a guide for leaders on how to rule a state according to The Way (Tao). Written simply, read mindfully and broken down into thematic subsections, a great bath time listen.


For any surfers looking to improve their pop up

An Ocean Flow fitness best of YouTube videos playlist wouldn’t be complete without a surfing tutorial! Get to see what’s really going on down there in those split seconds when popping up on your surfboard. This fascinating video slows down some of the worlds finest surfers as they transition from paddling to ripping down the line. A great way to analyse which techniques are being used by the pros and an all-round inspirational YouTube video for water babies.

For some advice on body maintenance tips whilst on a surf trip click here.

For seekers and energy tweakers

Very much a buzz name in both the holistic health and fitness industry at the moment; Neuroscientist, Dr Joe Dispenza is fast becoming one of the most listened to voices on neuro-sculpting and energy evolution. The intelligent fusing of up to date modern neuroscience with wisdom from the ancient mystics.


For anyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master best known for teaching Taoist practices such as Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Qi Gong. This fascinating interview from the YouTube channel London Real, is a fantastic overview of some of the main ideas behind TCM.

Learn concepts such as how breath and the health of your organs can affect your emotional well being, from this most endearing of living masters. This channel also has a whole range of other interviews with everything from pro athletes to holistic healers. Worth checking out!

To learn all about the 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine click here.

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