The Corona Crisis – 7 positive C’s

Posted: 12th April 2020 by Emma Wall

Positive lessons to be taken from the Corona Crisis

In these times of severe corona crisis, unsurmountable displays of humanity and compassion are prevailing. As the global community faces fear and insecurities not experienced by many in their lifetimes, there are waves of positive cultural shifts emerging from the turmoil of the storm.


Speaking to neighbours over the fence. Helping out the elderly in need. Volunteering in healthcare or education. Greeting strangers from across the street. Recognising the value of our small local businesses. Acting collectively for the greater good.


As we all learn to consume less, Mother Nature seems to be taking a big sigh of relief. With pollution levels on the drop and birdsong filling our skies, we’re learning to rely less on constant consumption for our happiness. Taking pleasure instead from the simpler things in life.


When was the last time you caught up with so many old friends? Talked so regularly to your family members? Opened up about how you were feeling with those closest to you and shared your hopes and dreams? In isolation, we’re communicating more than ever before.


With all this time on our hands, we’re picking up paintbrushes, putting pen to paper and dusting off our musical instruments. In our lives, we’re having to be adaptable, to find new ways of working, socialising and living. Out of hardship and challenges, great creativity can flourish.


Having to slow down and spend more time in our own company has allowed us all some time for self-reflection. And with this, a deeper level of awareness and universal consciousness is developing. It’s been a time to stop and take stock of what really matters to us in this life.


Time spent in nature, the taste of a lovingly prepared meal, relaxing with a good book, enjoying quality time with your family. We’re realising the beauty of the simple things in life. Crisis teaches us to be content with what we have as opposed to always striving for something more.

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 In times of crisis, it okay not to be okay. But with love, compassion and understanding, trying times can be overcome. The positive lessons that we learn whilst in the shadows act as a beacon of light to guide us through. If we continue to draw on these lessons in brighter times, then we can shine even brighter and stronger than before.

Positive outcomes of the Corona Crisis

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