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Remedial Massage treatments Hayling - Massage Booking IslandClinical Massage and Sports Massage

£55 per treatment with a reduction of your pain and an increase in range of movement in 3-6 treatments.

First treatment: 75 minutes, including a full orthopaedic assessment and case history consultation, manual therapy and relaxation massage.

Follow-up treatments: 60 minutes, including massage treatment and soft tissue manipulation, assisted stretching and neuromuscular techniques, self-care exercises and advice, with the development of a personal self-care plan.

Fascial Integration

£300 for a 6hr full body reset spread out over 4 treatments.

Treatment one: Thorough consultation and assessment, followed by a grounding treatment to calm the central nervous system (CNS).

Treatment two: Balancing the legs; working from the plantar fascia of the feet we travel up the ankle, Achilles tendon, calves and hamstrings, back down through the quads, knees and shins, and then down through the ITB and peroneals.Remedial Massage Hayling Island - Massage prices and booking

Treatment three: Balancing the pelvis and ribcage; working into the frontal hip muscles and hip flexors, through the abdominals, obliques, sternum, and pectorals, then down the spine and around the sacrum, into the gluteals and hip rotators, around the whole of the hip joint, the outer hip muscles, finishing with the QL and lats.

Treatment Four: Balancing the head & neck and full integration; working into the anterior and lateral neck muscles, the posterior neck and releasing under the base of the skull, finish with full neck and back integration, including trapezius release.

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