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About Ocean Flow Fitness

Ocean Flow Fitness is a movement and massage business based on the south coast of England. The accompanying website serves as a lifestyle guide that draws on three pillars of inspiration: The salty surf and ocean living; Finding flow through yoga, movement and mindfulness; And taking a heart centred approach to a fitter body and mind. 

With blog posts providing quality insights, tips and how to’s in health, fitness and wellbeing, and tasty nutritious recipes that will nourish you from the inside out. All fusing up to date developments in Western health and fitness, with ancient Eastern practices and wisdom.

About Emma Ocean Flow Fitness

Introducing Emma

When you surf and teach yoga and mindfulness, they become so much more than just hobbies and jobs, they seep into every cell of your being and become the compass to your life.

Being a lifelong water baby, when I eventually came to surfing at the age of 30 it could never have felt more right. I was instantly hooked! I trained to be a yoga teacher in my mid 30’s, with very little plan other than I felt compelled to deepen my studies in the practice (I’m a total geek who just loves learning). But once flow opens up things start to move once again in their right path. So it was that straight out of my first TTC whilst on a surf trip to Sri Lanka, I walked into a dream job teaching yoga at a surf hotel. 

It’s fair to say that surfing, yoga, and learning about the power of flow proceeded to shape and direct the rest of my 30’s.

I’m now 8 years into running the Ocean Flow Fitness, with 1000’s of hours of yoga and manual therapy training behind me. Every day I continue to deepen my experience with the joys and simplicity of how to create a healthier, happier and more grounded self. Training as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist to the highest level qualification available in the UK, allows me to help others to unravel the puzzle of their chronic pain pathologies.

Having taught languages since my 20’s and as a lifelong lover of the written word, I feel compelled to share my musings and discoveries with others along the way through my blog posts and books, because sharing’s caring right! I truly do care about and believe in the value of what I’m learning for everyone. And I hope that by sharing my insights with you, I can in some way help you on your personal journeys to find your own perfect level of fitness and flow.

As the saying goes…Life’s not always easy and we can’t always stop the storms from coming, but we can learn to ride the waves and surf.


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