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Yoga Therapy Package

Many of us suffer from pathologies such as sciatica, back pain or headaches on a near daily basis, or our lives are plagued by anxiety, insomnia and stress. These manifestations in our  physical, mental and emotional bodies are reactions to modern day living, in a world where more often than not, we are encouraged us to see ourselves as separate to the environment that surrounds us, and to view the mind as separate from the body and soul.

The Ocean Flow Fitness yoga therapy packages aim to consider all the factors that affect your inner and outer world  and to teach you a holistic cyclic approach to your health and wellbeing, educating the client on the best way to approach a home practice that will serve their individual needs.

Manual Therapy & Yoga Package

Ocean Flow Fitness offers a specialist manual therapy package integrating the best knowledge from both Western and Eastern sciences.

The Myofascial release therapy combines Sports Massage with yoga therapy and fascial release techniques; fascia is the often overlooked web of connective tissue that envelops every muscle, ligament, tendon and bone in the body and Myo stands for muscle. Both the more pliable muscles and the tougher plastic tissues such as the fascia can hold tensions and adhesions as well as emotional traumas. It is therefore important to work through both physical and energetic blockages in both types of tissue for a holistic therapy with long term results.

Through a combination of massage, and yoga asana and self massage education, Ocean Flow Therapy aims to arm clients with the tools to continue treating themselves once they have left the treatment room. Encouraging the path of self healing over reliance on the therapist.

Treatment plan pricing

Free!:Initial assessment to create personalised treatment plan
1.5 hrs £55:Initial Myofascial release treatment or Yoga Therapy Class and teaching of home treatment plan
1.5 hrs £40:Follow up treatments within 6 month period after assessment

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