Backward Bow in Acro - yoga

Acro Yoga Out-Takes Behind every perfect yoga video are hours of dedicated practice along with many a stumble, fall and failed attempt. But is it really failure if you’ve tried? Surly failure is letting fear rule you and never stepping into the unknown! Don’t ever let yourself feel intimidated by the abstract concept of perfection. It is NOT real and does Not exist, especially in the age of social media and digital editing, and it is highly subjective. DREAM BIG! And learn to fly! And if you crash a couple of times along the way then dust yourself off and try again, because the skiesRead More →

Alpine Flow Yoga Retreat Team

All- Inclusive Yoga Retreat in the French Alps First date Sept. 23rd-26th 16 Ocean Flow Fitness & Alpine Action Adventures have teamed up to bring you a wonderfully invigorating Alpine Vinyasa Yoga Retreat. Vinyasa Yoga/ Trekking/ SUP Yoga/Mindfulness exercises/Breathtaking Locations/Locally sourced vegetarian food.Read More →

Surf yoga - 15 min beach flow

Yoga for Surfers A short, high impact vinyasa flow practice perfect for making you beach beautiful and energising you in the morning. This dynamic yoga flow combines core work-out with poses that tone and strengthen your legs and Glutes. A great workout for surfers, pre or post post surf, which also opens up your hips and hamstrings. Ideally warm up with the Ocean Flow Fitness ‘Sun Salutation A’ tutorial first and give yourself 5 minutes in the final savasana if you have time.Read More →

Beach front meditation

Debunking the language of a yoga class for beginners. Ok so you’ve bought the mat, you’ve dusted off the gym clothes and you’ve just about got to grips with the difference between a Downdog and an Updog, but there’s one small problem; you’re still not 100% sure what your yoga teacher is on about! Many students when they begin their yoga journey may be overwhelmed by the use of yoga vocabulary coming from their yoga teacher’s mouth in class time. Tailbone tucking, core engaging and knee cap lifting, not to mention chakras, dristis and the infamous OM! In this article I aim to debunk someRead More →

Crow pose on Eco rubber mat

Yoga, is it really for me? I can’t do yoga can I? I’m not flexible! Uhm, sorry to state the obvious, but isn’t that just the point! Would you expected someone who had only ever run 2 miles in their life to suddenly run a marathon? Likewise as a yoga teacher I would never expect someone who had just started yoga to suddenly be throwing their leg behind their head. Actually I would never expect that of someone full stop! Yoga is about your own practice. That means wherever you’re at with your own body is enough for today. Like running a marathon you willRead More →