Dancers pose against a tree

Yoga poses for before, during and after a hike. Nothing quite marries the yoga qualities of mindfulness and being present with the physicality of your body and breath as a trek; where the world opens up into infinity in front of your very eyes, taking your consciousness into a quieter and more primordial headspace as you feel your connectedness with the bigger picture that is the energy of nature all around you. But unfortunately nothing can ruin your down with nature vibe like an injury or tight achy quads and glutes, which leave you walking like a cowboy for days after; with the calves, hamstringsRead More →

Playing about with yoga at sunset in Agonda Goa

How a White Van Man unblocked his energy pipes through embracing yoga! Yoga!!!!! You’re joking in’t ya!!! That’s birds stuff! Is the general response of the average working man when suggested that maybe a yoga class or two may help them with those back and hip issues that have been plaguing them on a daily basis. But the benefits of yoga aren’t just to be reaped by the super flexible Lycra clad crew who live off an organic vegan diet and band about words like ‘universe’, ‘spirit’ and ‘energy’. Modern yoga is finally starting to reach out to the average bloke on the block, remindingRead More →


Yoga therapy & sequences for colds So that time of year is here again! The kid’s are back to school and with that comes the trailing back home of all manner of bugs and sniffles. Added to that we’re torn between the regulating of our body temperatures with the do we don’t we put the heating on argument and the constant battle of clothing layers coming on and off between fresh natural environments and stuffy heated interiors such as offices and shops. In spite of the tendency to want to crawl under a blanket and do as little as possible at the first sign ofRead More →

Using micro movements for the rotator cuff

This 15 minute flow uses Warrior 1 as its base pose from which to use a range of micro movements in order to work the supporting smaller muscle groups of the back and shoulders such as the rotator cuff muscles. Helping you to acheive better alignment in your warrior 1 and 2 as well as toning your arms, abdomen and all of the muscles along the back of your body. A great example of how sometimes less really is more! This yoga sequence demands of you strength and focus and should really leave you feeling like you’ve worked if done with mindfulness in your movements.Read More →

Yoga in a sculpture garden

Yoga flow for the Shoulders/Shoulder girdle/Back & Core Parts 2 and 3 of the 30 minute Fly like an eagle flow, focus on strength building in the shoulders and core through side planks, plank crunches and Chaturanga. They also include some deep backbends such as Anahata asana and Bow. Building strength in our core helps protect our back from injury and aids us in our backbening asanas. And by first practicing modified Chaturanga and side plank we can build strength in the major shoulder muscles to protect from the all too common shoulder injuries that occur in the full expression of these poses. This flowRead More →

Shoulder releasing yoga flow

Strengthening & Releasing yoga flow for the Back/Shoulders This 15 minute flow can be used as a warm up to part 2 of the Eagle flow, or as a practice on its own to release, strengthen and find proper alignment in the shoulders, shoulder girlde and back. A mutli level practice with modifications and a great way to start to prepare yourself for shoulder heavy asanas such as Handstand and Chaturanga. Beginners be cautious with dropping back too far into the backbends without support as this can be very intense on your stomach muscles as well as your lumbar spine. Instead consider just focusing onRead More →

Anahata vinyasa flow

Anyone who has ever attended an Ocean Flow Fitness yoga class will be aware that music is an integral part of any class. From the minute we set off on our yoga journey in class, music is there to guide us through the flow of the practice we are embarking on. With feel good acoustic Indie pop, or mellow melodies normally staring off our warm up asanas. The energy then starts to raise a bit once we enter our first Sun Salutations, which can often lead to full on high energy beats by the time we hit the main flow of the class. This mayRead More →

Yin yoga straddle

My experiences with Yin Yoga – From Yinginner to Yinster! So at the beginning of this year in a hot yoga Shala in the Goan jungle, as the scorching sun of the day was just starting to set to the sounds of the serenading monkeys and birds all around us, I was introduced to Yin yoga: a form of yoga which left me somewhat out of my comfort zone in terms of a yoga practice, due to the utter stillness and prolonged sustaining of the poses that contrasted so profoundly with my own style of choice up until then, Vinyasa. But a style that hasRead More →

Flying fish pose on the beach

15 minute flow building strength in the shoulders and upper back Perfect for toning your glutes and thighs, this strength building flow builds stamina in the shoulders and upper back to help you achieve a more accomplished and better aligned Shoulderstand. Using the breath to guide you through a series of controlled asanas working with Bridge pose as its foundation, this 15 minute flow will leave you feeling toned, empowered and centred. The last part of the tutorial will guide you into a full Shoulderstand, followed by some work with Plough and then all finished off with some counter poses before inviting you to restRead More →