Surf yoga retreat Sri Lanka

Surf yoga retreat – Weligama, Sri Lanka 2018 Looking for something to brighten up your Winter 2018? Why not escape to The Tropics this January? For a feel good week of Yoga, Surf, Nature and Culture in beautiful South West Sri Lanka. Ocean Flow Fitness has teamed up with local surf experts Sri Lanka Surf Safari to bring you this exciting and heart warming experience, where the only thing you have to worry about is getting yourself a plane ticket, getting on the plane and then kicking back to a week of seriously good vibes. An Ocean Flow Mantra has always been to – Travel,Read More →


Flowing river meditation Breath consciousness, 2nd chakra, letting go of worries, nature visualisation, water element, accepting the flow of life/going with the flow, the senses. Start in a comfortable seated or lying down position, closing your eyes and settling into your breath. Notice the gentle inward and outward flow of your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Notice how your chest and your abdomen gently rise and fall as your breath flows through you. Now imagine that you can see a river in front of you…slowly walk towards the river until you’re standing on the bank of the river, at the river’s edge.Read More →

5 yoga props for home practices

5 Yoga props that will become your best friends in your home practice Practising yoga at home is normally a solitary, personal affair. And whilst we often appreciate these moments of solace and me time, it’s also nice to know that you have some on hand home support when you need it in the shape of yoga props. Forget expensive Shopping channelesque keep fit gadgets, these 5 simple props come at a minimal price, accessible to any budget, that’s if you don’t have them in your house already. Whether you use them to relax and restore, or as aids to advance your practice, the followingRead More →

The 5 Elements in Yoga and Ayurveda

The basic principles of The 5 Elements Everything in the universe is made up of the 5 elements. They are the base from which everything is formed. The building blocks of life. However; no one element is ever perceived in its pure state, instead every entity that exists in our cosmos is made up of a varying combination of the characteristics of the 5 elements. With the 5 elements we experience the crossover of Yoga with its sister science, Ayurveda. Both of these holistic practices interweave and merge in an act of balancing the characteristics of each element in our mental and physical being. UnderstandingRead More →

Yin yoga post trekking

Yoga for post trekking The other day when on holiday in Northern Spain I climbed the iconic mountain looking over Bilbao, Pagassari. Now being in pretty good shape; due to being a yoga instructor with an addiction to outdoor adventure sports, I shot up and down the mountain with relative ease in what amounted to a very enjoyable 4 hour trek. The problems started the next day when I woke up with extremely  stiff calves and what felt like the onset of shin splints that left me walking like a robot for the whole day. Kicking myself for swerving my post trek stretch out inRead More →