Meditation for autumn

A Meditation for Autumn

A Meditation for Autumn

A meditation for letting go this autumn

Meditation for seasonal effective disorder/anxiety/depression/acceptance

Close your eyes and take a moment to reflect on the happenings of the summer season, cultivating a sense of gratitude for all the joys of this past season and the experiences that it brought with it.

Become aware of your breath and the temperature of the air as it enters and leaves your nose…your lungs…sit quietly without judgement, without expectations, for a few more breaths simply observing the air as it enters and leaves your nose…your lungs.

Now welcome your body into this new season of inward looking; into autumn, when we have the opportunity to let go of anything that we’re holding onto from throughout the year that doesn’t serve us any more. Like the leaves which fall from the trees and catch on the autumn breeze, the process of letting go is an essential part of our life cycle; allowing us to nourish and rest up our internal space so that fresh things can once again be cultivated there when the time comes for them to grow.

Now, Inviting you to take one thing that doesn’t serve you anymore in this moment and to place it on a leaf. Then as the next gust of wind comes along, simply allow the leaf to float away from you, dancing off into the distance, where it will begin the process of decomposing.

For the next few moments, every time a thought enters your head, simply place it onto a floating leaf and watch it drift away. Leaving your tree strong and stable, with roots that penetrate deep into the earth, regardless of the winds that surround it.

Finally; contemplate what is valuable to you at this moment. Invite yourself to recognize the brilliance in all those you meet, and in everything you experience, no matter how banal. Life cannot always be the all singing all dancing extravonair of summer. Sometimes you simply need to allow yourself time to settle, time to harvest the fruits of the summer, time to notice the shining glints of diamonds that are slightly submerged in the mud, but still there, shining brilliant all the same.

Allow yourself to sit quietly for the last few moments, accepting this inner autumn landscape that you’ve begun to cultivate, passively watching as the falling leaves around you float away.


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  1. Author

    Oh I’m so happy that it came to you when you needed it Ali and brought you to a happier place. thanks for your kind words. Much Love, Emma x

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