Food and fitness diary of a yoga instructor

Food, Fitness & Work diary of a Yoga Instructor

Food, Fitness & Work diary of a Yoga Instructor

10 Day Food, Fitness & Work diary of a full time Yoga Instructor: 2

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Food and fitness diary of a yoga instructorFood and fitness diary of a yoga instructorFood, fitness and work diary of a yoga instructor06F08481-F6A2-444A-8EA7-82B280AC2191

Being a full time yoga instructor has so many plus sides; I get to do what I love everyday and share my passion with the world, meeting some amazing souls along the way and helping people to connect with their bodies and minds in a positive way. I also have time in the day that others maybe wouldn’t to pursue my love of outdoor activities such as surfing, Paddle boarding and generally having the opportunity to get out in the fresh air if the weather permits. Office jobs never did suit me! I can also get to the gym when it’s quiet, and my job encourages me to lead a healthy lifestyle and to try to remain positive in life and to continue working on self development.

On the turn side; I have to work every evening so only have a social life on the weekend and am pretty well married to my job. I have to keep a lot of plates spinning all by myself and regularly put in 14 hour days between one thing and another, sitting up at 11 pm at night still working and then starting again first thing in the morning. Sometimes my body aches all over and I have to teach through it, or sometimes I’m just having a bad day and need to find ways to fix my energy so as not to transmit negative vibes onto my students. And of course the moneys unstable, as anyone who’s self employed will tell you.

But of course; I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I can honestly say that I have my dream job. And not many people get to say that. Being a yoga instructor really is so much more than just a job, it’s a way of life!

As so many people were interested in my last food and fitness diary I thought I’d share it again with you. As with last time I’m pescatarian, although I try to have as many vegan meals as possible and not overdo it on the dairy (however in this 10 day diary there weren’t as many vegan meals as I’d like due to not living near a supermarket with a good vegan section at the moment and being a bit lazy with my meal ideas due to a very busy schedule).

I try to take a multidisciplinary approach to my fitness, combining yoga with calisthenics and cardio in the form of sports I love such as surfing or cycling when I get the chance. Nowadays I’ve got better at using self care techniques such as massages, the gym spa and using foam rollers/ myofascia release balls, due to sheer necessity to stop my body breaking down since my class load has increased.

My working days aside from lesson planning, practicing and fitness training vary depending on what needs prioritising that week. But it’s pretty fair to say that midweek I’m never off duty. And it’s only really when I have my one night out on the weekend that I properly switch off and have a rest day the next day, normally induced by the remnants of the night before; I’m only human after all! Also worth mentioning is that midweek I usually meditate with a short morning guided meditation, or to a yoga nidra midday on an app called Insight timer. And if I nod off for half an hour after doing the nidra, I welcome a little post lunch nap before starting my afternoon practice.

So here it is! An honest unedited account of 10 days of my life in September. I hope you find it of interest…


7.30 am – banana, Date, cacao & maca powder porridge with almond milk. 1 x coffee with milk.

7.30- 8.30 – looking at classes for week ahead. Responding enquiries and social media comments.

9-10 am – practice morning Hatha flow.

1pm – 2 x nectarines. 1 x handful almonds

2.30pm- sweet potato and chickpea falafel. Salad. Pitta bread. 4 x dates.

4.30-6.30pm – creating new spreadsheets for classes

7.15 -9 pm – evening class

9.30 pm – tin of tomato soup. 2 x slices fresh granary loaf. 4 x dates

10- 11.30 pm – responding to enquiries. Researching and writing new SUP yoga class.


7.30- 8.30 am – producing marketing poster

8.45 am – 2 x kiwis, 3rd tub of coconut soya yoghurt and muesli. Soya latte

9-11.30 am- SUP yoga photo shoot for new Ocean flow ISUP. Practicing SUP yoga flow.

12- 1.30 pm- video editing of mornings work for social media

1.30pm pm- baked potato with cheese and coleslaw and salad. 4 x dates with blue cheese

4pm – protein bar and black coffee with cinnamon, honey and nutmeg

4.30- 5.30 pm – practising evenings dynamic flow

6-8.30 pm – teaching 2 x dynamic flow classes

9 pm – Dinner at a friends house: extra large portion of Smoked salmon and mixed bean salad with beetroot and boiled potatoes


7.30am – soya latte

8.30-9.30 am – Yin yoga self practice

9.30 am -green tea, toast x 2 with peanut butter and chopped banana

10.30-12.15 pm – Teach Hatha Flow class

1-2 pm – responding to enquiries, social media post

2pm – homemade vegetarian mince moussaka, handful of yoghurt raisins.

4.30-5 pm – admin and enquiries

5.30 – 6.45 pm – practicing SUP Yoga flow and handstands

7-8.45 pm – Teaching Dynamic flow

9pm – meet aunty and uncle visiting in the pub: 2 x pints ale, shared a bag of peanuts


7.45- 8 am – social media post

8.00 am – 2 x granary toast with peanut butter or marmalade and soya latte

10 am- a banana

11-12 – Pilates class

12.15 -12.45 – functional area of gym: TRX Band core training, monkey bar Lat pulls and biceps, Box jump ups, leg lifts, handstand/scorpion, back bend from backs practice

1-1.30 pm- sauna, steam room, jacuzzi

1.45 pm – 2 x nectarines

2.30 pm- Vege moussaka, 1 x raw food cocoa brownie

4.30 pm – 1 x marmalade on toast

5-6.30 pm – 1-2-1 teen yoga class

7-8.15pm – Teach Hatha Flow Class

8.45 pm – large salad with beetroot, blue cheese & fennel,2 x oatcakes, 4 x chocolate covered berries.

9.30- 10 pm – Responding to enquiries

10 -11 pm – reading yoga blogs


6.20 am – overnight soaked oats with almonds, mixed berries and soya milk. I x soya latte

7- 11 am – teaching 2 x SUP Yoga classes

11.30 am – 1 x banana, 1 x cappuccino, handful of almonds

12 pm – meeting with new yoga class venue

1-1.45 pm- functional area in Gym as with Thursday

2.30 pm – jacket potato with tuna mayo, large side salad.

4.15pm – soya latte, 1 x digestive

4 – 4.30 pm – social media posting

5pm – 1 x pint and some chips with family at pub

6- 3am! – at a bar and friends house: 2 x pints, 4 x cocktails, chilli nuts…(I say no more!)

3am – 4 mile walk home with a friend from a house party as couldn’t get a cab. THAT COUNTS AS EXERCISE RIGHT!


11.30 am – large 2 egg omelette with cheese and mushrooms in a pitta bread with mayo. 1 x cup of tea (yep you guessed it, hungover!)

2pm – cup of tea and digestive biscuit

4pm – some Bombay mix and olives

4.30 – 5.30 pm -social media posting

7.30 pm – dinner with a friend; vegetarian pie served with dauphinois potatoes, peas and gravy. ½ a bottle of red wine. Yoghurt coated raisins and chocolate berries.


8am -soya latte

10 am- breakfast as Friday and a cup of tea.

10.30- 12.30 pm – acro yoga practice

1pm -cheese salad pitta bread

3.30 pm – flat white

5pm -dinner out with family: Sunday dinner with nut roast, 2 x pints real ale

7-7.30 pm – social media posts


6.30 am – soya latte and raw food protein bar

7.30 – 8.50 am – Morning surf

9.15-10 am – Banana and frozen yoghurt smoothie whilst lesson planning and social media posting

10.10 – 11.45 am – second morning surf

12.30 pm- 1 x oat cake with peanut butter

1.30 pm – spiced quinoa with lentils, dates, courgettes, red onion and peppers. Served with a dollop of vegan yoghurt. 10 yoghurt raisins

4.30 pm- cafe mocha and 2 x digestives

4.30-5 pm – responding to enquiries and admin

5.30 – 7 pm – practicing evening class and lesson planning

7.15- 9 pm – Teaching evening Hatha Flow

9.30 pm – Sardine salad and pitta bread


8am – 2 x slices of granary toast with marmite and marmalade, 1 x soya latte

10-10.30 am – responding to enquiries

10.30- 12.15 pm – Yin yoga self practice

12.45 am – an apple

1 – 2pm – sports massage for tight piriformis muscle

2.20 pm- roasted cod with cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach and quinoa salad from day before

4.00- 4.30 pm – general admin

4.30- 5.30 pm – practising evening class

5.35 pm – a nectarine

5.45 – 8.45 pm – teaching 2 x Dynamic flow yoga classes

9.15 pm – large salad with avocado, fennel, mushrooms, beetroot, chia seed and vegan almond mayo, 2 x oatcakes, 4 x chocolate covered berries.

9.30- 11.15 pm – social media posting and responding to enquiries/admin, researching quotes for Yin class


8am – soya latte, Greek yoghurt with mixed dried fruit, pecans, linseed and passionfruit.

8.15 -9 am- admin, responding to enquiries and lesson planning.

9-10 am – practicing today’s Yin yoga class

10.30- 12.15 am – Teaching Hatha flow class

1pm – stir fry with tofu and mixed veg served with whole grain rice. A couple of cubes of chocolate.

1.30 – 2 pm – Admin

4pm – black coffee with spices, 1 x digestive

5 – 6.30 pm – teaching Yin yoga class

7 – 8.45 pm – teaching Dynamic flow class

9.15 pm – 2 egg omelette with cheese, spinach and mushrooms and pitta bread. 1 x options hot chocolate.

9.15 – 10.30 – enquiries,admin, reading yoga blogs


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