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Energising and Strengthening Yoga Flow

Energising and Strengthening Yoga Flow

Yoga for all over toning and core engagment

Particularly beneficial for releasing the Hamstrings and glutes and for building strength in the shoulders, wrists and core.

Please do not attempt the jump backs into Chaturanga unless you have practiced it with an experienced teacher. Instead simply step back into plank and then drop down into chaturanga if you would like to, or leave this pose out all together.

If you do feel like you’re ready to include this more advanced asana into your practice then make sure that you always jump back into bent elbows, as jumping back into straight arm plank will jolt your joints and could cause injury.

In the wide legged forward folds remember that you have the option of using a block (or pile of books if you don’t have a block) to rest your hands or the crown of your head on.

If you can, try and follow this practice with 5-10 minutes of floor based poses such as spinal twists and a hip opener or two such as reclining butterfly and happy baby, before allowing yourself as much time as you can fit into your day in Savasana.

I hope you enjoy the flow!


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