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Class Venues March 26th -April 3rd

Class Venues March 26th -April 3rd

Class Venues March 26th -April 3rd

Please be aware that the folowing classes will be held in the restaurant next to the bar in The Newtown:

Tuesday 26th March & Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd of April

All 3 Wednesday classes will be held at Seacourt Tennis club on the following dates:

Wednesday 27th March & Wednesday 3rd of March.

Please also note that for the weeks starting the 1st and 8th of April Vicks will be taking all classes. Please treat bookings with her as you would with myself, notifying her of any holidays or swaps that you may want to do. I am off to Spain to add another 100 hours to my yoga training credentials and to start my journey as a Yin yoga teacher trainer! As always I’m hpoing to come back armed with lots of lovely insights to share with you beautiful people.

Any questions at any point please feel free to send me a message on oceanflowfitness@gmail.com or the facebook page @oceanflowfitness

Many thanks



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