Dancers pose against a tree

Yoga poses for before, during and after a hike. Nothing quite marries the yoga qualities of mindfulness and being present with the physicality of your body and breath as a trek; where the world opens up into infinity in front of your very eyes, taking your consciousness into a quieter and more primordial headspace as you feel your connectedness with the bigger picture that is the energy of nature all around you. But unfortunately nothing can ruin your down with nature vibe like an injury or tight achy quads and glutes, which leave you walking like a cowboy for days after; with the calves, hamstringsRead More →

Alpine Flow Yoga Retreat Team

All- Inclusive Yoga Retreat in the French Alps First date Sept. 23rd-26th 16 Ocean Flow Fitness & Alpine Action Adventures have teamed up to bring you a wonderfully invigorating Alpine Vinyasa Yoga Retreat. Vinyasa Yoga/ Trekking/ SUP Yoga/Mindfulness exercises/Breathtaking Locations/Locally sourced vegetarian food.Read More →