Kefir Superfood Smoothie recipes

Two delicious & nutritious  Kefir Superfood smoothie recipes Kefir has gained a lot of fame recently for its beneficial probiotic forming properties, and quite rightly so! After just a few weeks of regular inclusion of kefir in my weekly diet, combined with other probiotics such as miso and sauerkraut, an aeon of IBS symptoms settled down into the calmest gut flora I’d experienced in years. For those of you who are fans of natural yoghurt then simply drinking this magic fermented liquid may suffice. However it also makes a great base for some delicious superfood smoothies, which has the added benefit of cramming in aRead More →

Partner SUP Yoga

Book your own private SUP yoga experience! Do you and your friends love trying exciting new activities together? Maybe you have a milestone birthday coming up or a Stag or Hen party to organise and want to make it a really unique experience? Ocean Flow Fitness offers tailor made Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga experiences to suit the needs of your group. With classes to suit complete water and yoga novices who are just looking for a fun challenge; to experienced yogis, water babies and fitness fanatics who want to take their fitness to the next level! Just get in touch with Emma to explainRead More →

SUP Yoga Portsmouth

SUP Yoga at The Portsmouth Watersports Centre Times for sessions on event days: 9.00am -10.30am 11.30am -13.00pm 16.00pm – 17.30pm 18.00 – 19.30pm May 16th June 20th July 18th August 8th September 5th The 1.5 hr session includes a paddle out in Langstone harbour and a fun SUP yoga class delivered by Emma from Ocean Flow Fitness. Please contact the Portsmouth watersports centre to book your place on a class. Boards and wetsuits are provided.  Read More →


Booking now open for the Sunday Yin yoga sessions! Places are limited so please book in advance. Below are the full dates for the Sunday sessions for the whole of 2019. To book on to either the 10.30 am- 12, or 5 – 6.30pm: £12, The Hayling Golf Club, please contact Emma for info and bookings.Read More →

Yin yoga for post surf

Ocean Flow Therapy Yoga Therapy Package Many of us suffer from pathologies such as sciatica, back pain or headaches on a near daily basis, or our lives are plagued by anxiety, insomnia and stress. These manifestations in our  physical, mental and emotional bodies are reactions to modern day living, in a world where more often than not, we are encouraged us to see ourselves as separate to the environment that surrounds us, and to view the mind as separate from the body and soul. The Ocean Flow Fitness yoga therapy packages aim to consider all the factors that affect your inner and outer world  andRead More →

Pigeon pose on a terrace in Goa

Multi level yoga flow using Sun salutations to build heat and then working with Pigeon pose as a base pose from which to explore other hip opening poses, twists and backbends. Please note that if you’re not yet using Pigeon in your practice that you can swap this part of the practice for Figure of four pose and then rejoin the flow in Downdog after Pigeon. Alternative poses offered for beginners, this is a full yoga practice and great cardio work-out and strength builder that is also suitable for intermediate/advanced practitioners. A great way to stop your hips from seizing up due to hours ofRead More →

Using micro movements for the rotator cuff

This 15 minute flow uses Warrior 1 as its base pose from which to use a range of micro movements in order to work the supporting smaller muscle groups of the back and shoulders such as the rotator cuff muscles. Helping you to acheive better alignment in your warrior 1 and 2 as well as toning your arms, abdomen and all of the muscles along the back of your body. A great example of how sometimes less really is more! This yoga sequence demands of you strength and focus and should really leave you feeling like you’ve worked if done with mindfulness in your movements.Read More →

Yoga in a sculpture garden

Yoga flow for the Shoulders/Shoulder girdle/Back & Core Parts 2 and 3 of the 30 minute Fly like an eagle flow, focus on strength building in the shoulders and core through side planks, plank crunches and Chaturanga. They also include some deep backbends such as Anahata asana and Bow. Building strength in our core helps protect our back from injury and aids us in our backbening asanas. And by first practicing modified Chaturanga and side plank we can build strength in the major shoulder muscles to protect from the all too common shoulder injuries that occur in the full expression of these poses. This flowRead More →

Shoulder releasing yoga flow

Strengthening & Releasing yoga flow for the Back/Shoulders This 15 minute flow can be used as a warm up to part 2 of the Eagle flow, or as a practice on its own to release, strengthen and find proper alignment in the shoulders, shoulder girlde and back. A mutli level practice with modifications and a great way to start to prepare yourself for shoulder heavy asanas such as Handstand and Chaturanga. Beginners be cautious with dropping back too far into the backbends without support as this can be very intense on your stomach muscles as well as your lumbar spine. Instead consider just focusing onRead More →

Flying fish pose on the beach

15 minute flow building strength in the shoulders and upper back Perfect for toning your glutes and thighs, this strength building flow builds stamina in the shoulders and upper back to help you achieve a more accomplished and better aligned Shoulderstand. Using the breath to guide you through a series of controlled asanas working with Bridge pose as its foundation, this 15 minute flow will leave you feeling toned, empowered and centred. The last part of the tutorial will guide you into a full Shoulderstand, followed by some work with Plough and then all finished off with some counter poses before inviting you to restRead More →