Partner SUP Yoga

Partner Paddle Power – Double the SUP yoga fun!   What’s not to love about Partner SUP Yoga! There’s something about splashing about on a paddle board with your best buddy, family member or spouse that screams ‘I’m free as a child and life is gooood!’at the top of its voice. In fact this challenging water top activity is a fantastic way to get kids involved with Stand Up Paddleboarding, building their confidence in the water and giving them a potential opportunity to have a good old laugh at the silly adult if you fall in.   Based on the principles of trust, teamwork, communication, assistingRead More →

Surf stretches for between sets

Surf stretches that you can perform with your board out in the line up Is your mind telling you to stay out catching waves but your body’s beginning to tell you otherwise? Here’s a set of simple stretches that you can perform with your board whilst still out on the water. Take advantage of the lull between sets to give your well used back body, outer hips and upper back a bit of light relief before going for your next wave. For your whole back body; lower back, hamstrings and calves Use your board sideways like a giant float under each armpit and stretch yourRead More →

Yin yoga for post surf

Post surf Yin yoga routine for a deeper stretch out As a surfer you may be drawn instinctively to stronger yoga practices full of chaturangas, challenging core exercises and focus testing arm balances. And whilst there’s no denying the merit of such practices for improving your surfing, it’s also important to remember the post surf aftercare to release your hardworked muscles and joints. Cue Yin yoga; a style of yoga that uses long held static poses with the idea being that you release not only tight muscles, but also the whole web of connective tissue that wraps around every muscle and bone in our bodies.Read More →

5 best yoga poises for a surf warm up

The 5 best yoga poses for a surf warm up These 5 simple yoga stretches are perfect for an all round warm up pre surf. Focusing on stretching out your back body before hours of paddling about in a what is essentially a sustained backbend. It also works with hip and shoulder mobility, which are both key players in obtaining peak performance when out surfing. You will begin to build a bit of heat in your quads and core, as well as releasing built up tension in your neck and upper back that may be left over from the day before’s session. Rag doll swings:Read More →

The perfect surf warm up! - the 5 Tibetan Rites

If you only do one land based activity before getting out in the ocean for a surf then do this! The only surf warm up you’ll ever need! The 5 Tibetan Rites The benefits of this ancient practice, which originates from a condensed daily yoga practice created by Tibetan monks over 2000 years ago, are touted as everything from the reduction of anxiety and stress, to reversing the aging process! As surfers though the main benefits of this mini spiritual workout that we’re interested in are: improvement of overall strength and flexibility, the strengthening of core and back muscles, improved respiration, oxygenating the blood stream,Read More →

3 part back stretch

5 simple yoga poses for post Paddle Boarding So you’ve spent a few hours out on the water paddling like a trouper. Whether you’ve been touring some waterways on a river jolly, dealing with some small chop and wind whilst exploring the coastline, or out giving it some in some decent swell paddle surfing; one thing that these all have in common is the tendency towards aching or tightness in your shoulders, forearms, wrists and lower back. Not to mention achy trapezius, a tired core and overworked rotator cuff and neck muscles. These simple stretches are a great way to prepare your paddle power preRead More →