8 best YouTube videos for body and mind 2018

Ocean Flow Fitness YouTube favourites from 2018 2018 saw the rise of multi disciplinary coaches and teachers offering a more integral, personalised approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing. The year in which we had more online apps and wrist worn trackers than ever to help monitor our food and fitness journeys, with a whole wealth of virtual studios and resources offering everything from workouts to meditation.   The year of interval training and booty building, mobility madness and animal movement, a love of all things mindfulness, the explosion of the fitness festival, the increasing international popularity and spread of yoga, the year of the vegan,Read More →

Music singalong at sunset

90 minute yoga playlist Ocean Flow Fitness   Growing up under a lineage of passionate and somewhat accomplished dancers I was always going to have beats flowing through my soul. Ever since I can remember music has been an integral part of my life: from watching my Grandparents majestically whirl around a dance floor ballroom dancing, to sitting on the edges of mum’s secondary school contemporary dance classes when she was teaching. And my own explorations with dance, sound and vibrations from childhood dance classes to teenage hedonistic raves, then experiencing world music in all of its glorious shapes and colours as I’ve travelled aroundRead More →

Anahata vinyasa flow

Anyone who has ever attended an Ocean Flow Fitness yoga class will be aware that music is an integral part of any class. From the minute we set off on our yoga journey in class, music is there to guide us through the flow of the practice we are embarking on. With feel good acoustic Indie pop, or mellow melodies normally staring off our warm up asanas. The energy then starts to raise a bit once we enter our first Sun Salutations, which can often lead to full on high energy beats by the time we hit the main flow of the class. This mayRead More →