Partner SUP Yoga

Paddleboard playtime for the whole family Double the SUP Yoga fun! What’s not to love about Partner SUP Yoga! There’s something about splashing about on a paddle board with your best buddy, family member or spouse that screams ‘I’m free as a child and life is gooood!’ at the top of its voice. Based on the principles of trust, teamwork, communication, and of course connecting through some good old fashioned fun, SUP yoga is a beautiful activity to share with any nearest and dearest. A fantastic way to get kids involved with Stand Up Paddleboarding, building their confidence in the water and giving them plenty ofRead More →

3 part back stretch

5 simple yoga poses for post Paddle Boarding So you’ve spent a few hours out on the water paddling like a trouper. Whether you’ve been touring some waterways on a river jolly, dealing with some small chop and wind whilst exploring the coastline, or out giving it some in some decent swell paddle surfing; one thing that these all have in common is the tendency towards aching or tightness in your shoulders, forearms, wrists and lower back. Not to mention achy trapezius, a tired core and overworked rotator cuff and neck muscles. These simple stretches are a great way to prepare your paddle power preRead More →