Managing anxiety

Managing anxiety with yoga & surf Today on World Mental Health Day I’d like to talk about anxiety. Have you ever seen that meme that goes ‘I do yoga to burn off the crazy’? Well as a yoga teacher and someone who has dipped in and out of bouts of anxiety throughout her life, I could say this rings pretty true for me. But the question is…just to what extent should we be burning off that crazy? I mean, to quote one of my favourite directors Tim Burton ‘one person’s crazy is another person’s reality’ right?   To begin to understand what I’m getting at,Read More →

The brain in our belly; gut health and why it matters

 The brain in our belly; and why we should trust our guts. How often do you actually stop to think about what you’re putting into your body and the effect that this has on your mental as well as your physical wellbeing? Okay the more health conscious of us may consider such things as the calories consumed or the fat or carb content of a meal and how this will impact upon our body appearance or training capabilities, but when do you really think about the impact that your food is having on your emotional state?   The connection between the mind and the gutRead More →

Yin and yang theory

The Yin And Yang of exercise; and why both are important! Thousands of years ago the ancient Daoists of China evolved a precise and uncomplicated language in which to explain the universe in dualistic terms. This is known as Yin yang theory. Yang is used to describe the outwardly visible, transient, moving aspects of life; represented by masculinity, light, the Spring and summer. Yin on the other hand manifests as those things which we don’t obviously notice, as the solid and dense aspects of life; represented by the dark and feminine, by the autumn and winter. Yin And Yang are ways of thinking about theRead More →

Food and fitness diary of a yoga instructor

10 Day Food, Fitness & Work diary of a full time Yoga Instructor: 2 Being a full time yoga instructor has so many plus sides; I get to do what I love everyday and share my passion with the world, meeting some amazing souls along the way and helping people to connect with their bodies and minds in a positive way. I also have time in the day that others maybe wouldn’t to pursue my love of outdoor activities such as surfing, Paddle boarding and generally having the opportunity to get out in the fresh air if the weather permits. Office jobs never did suitRead More →

Breakfast smoothie

In my job as a full time yoga teacher people often ask me how much I practice yoga, what other activities I do to stay in shape and what my diet is like. So as an observational post I’d like to share with you a log of my physical activity, meditation and diet over a 10 day period. Now I’m by no means a yoga purist, I’m not vegan (but do try to have vegan meals throughout the week) and I’m as partial to a glass of wine as the next person. And as you’ll see by my diary below I have a terrible weaknessRead More →


Yoga therapy & sequences for colds So that time of year is here again! The kid’s are back to school and with that comes the trailing back home of all manner of bugs and sniffles. Added to that we’re torn between the regulating of our body temperatures with the do we don’t we put the heating on argument and the constant battle of clothing layers coming on and off between fresh natural environments and stuffy heated interiors such as offices and shops. In spite of the tendency to want to crawl under a blanket and do as little as possible at the first sign ofRead More →