Christmas cake kefir smoothie recipe

A sweet treat kefir smoothie recipe for winter If you’re like me and you just love all things Christmas, especially the festive season’s treats, then this sweet little superfood smoothie will be right up your street. Inspired by the great British seasonal classic; the Christmas cake, this Kefir smoothie is packed full of fruit, nuts and spices just like its cakier counterpart. But unlike its much denser and sweeter cousin, this smoothies onus is on filling you with nutrient rich antioxidants and flavonoids rather than just fat and refined sugar. It is worth bearing in mind however that whilst the sweetness of this recipe comesRead More →

Kefir Superfood smoothie recipes

Two delicious & nutritious  Kefir Superfood smoothie recipes Kefir has gained a lot of fame recently for its beneficial probiotic forming properties, and quite rightly so! After just a few weeks of regular inclusion of kefir in my weekly diet, combined with other probiotics such as miso and sauerkraut, an aeon of IBS symptoms settled down into the calmest gut flora I’d experienced in years. For those of you who are fans of natural yoghurt then simply drinking this magic fermented liquid may suffice. However it also makes a great base for some delicious superfood smoothies, which has the added benefit of cramming in aRead More →