Food and fitness diary of a yoga instructor

10 Day Food, Fitness & Work diary of a full time Yoga Instructor: 2 Being a full time yoga instructor has so many plus sides; I get to do what I love everyday and share my passion with the world, meeting some amazing souls along the way and helping people to connect with their bodies and minds in a positive way. I also have time in the day that others maybe wouldn’t to pursue my love of outdoor activities such as surfing, Paddle boarding and generally having the opportunity to get out in the fresh air if the weather permits. Office jobs never did suitRead More →

Yin yoga post trekking

Yoga for post trekking The other day when on holiday in Northern Spain I climbed the iconic mountain looking over Bilbao, Pagassari. Now being in pretty good shape; due to being a yoga instructor with an addiction to outdoor adventure sports, I shot up and down the mountain with relative ease in what amounted to a very enjoyable 4 hour trek. The problems started the next day when I woke up with extremely  stiff calves and what felt like the onset of shin splints that left me walking like a robot for the whole day. Kicking myself for swerving my post trek stretch out inRead More →

Breakfast smoothie

In my job as a full time yoga teacher people often ask me how much I practice yoga, what other activities I do to stay in shape and what my diet is like. So as an observational post I’d like to share with you a log of my physical activity, meditation and diet over a 10 day period. Now I’m by no means a yoga purist, I’m not vegan (but do try to have vegan meals throughout the week) and I’m as partial to a glass of wine as the next person. And as you’ll see by my diary below I have a terrible weaknessRead More →

Dancers pose against a tree

Yoga poses for before, during and after a hike. Nothing quite marries the yoga qualities of mindfulness and being present with the physicality of your body and breath as a trek; where the world opens up into infinity in front of your very eyes, taking your consciousness into a quieter and more primordial headspace as you feel your connectedness with the bigger picture that is the energy of nature all around you. But unfortunately nothing can ruin your down with nature vibe like an injury or tight achy quads and glutes, which leave you walking like a cowboy for days after; with the calves, hamstringsRead More →

Anahata vinyasa flow

Anyone who has ever attended an Ocean Flow Fitness yoga class will be aware that music is an integral part of any class. From the minute we set off on our yoga journey in class, music is there to guide us through the flow of the practice we are embarking on. With feel good acoustic Indie pop, or mellow melodies normally staring off our warm up asanas. The energy then starts to raise a bit once we enter our first Sun Salutations, which can often lead to full on high energy beats by the time we hit the main flow of the class. This mayRead More →