Yoga backbends and what’s stopping you going deeper.

Let’s talk about yoga backbends As someone with a pretty decent range of motion (ROM) in my back thanks to a combination of the bones god gave me, years of surfing which has made my back nice and strong and a very regular yoga practice through my job; you guessed it as a yoga teacher! backbends have always been enjoyable for me. A great pick me up when I need a boost of energy and an easy go to for an insta star pose! But what’s really going on back there in a backbend and why do some people loathe these poses just as IRead More →

Knees-chest-chin tutorial

Make vinyasa transitions between Plank and Cobra flow more fluidly with this Knees-chest-chin tutorial. An often challenging pose for beginners, this preparatory pose for Chaturanga dadasana is more about technique and alignment than actual strength to perform correctly. However an engaged core and a degree of shoulder stability gained through strengthening your supporting shoulder muscles, will help you make your way through this vinyasa yoga transition more gracefully Remember to keep those wings in by sliding your elbows along your ribs, which will in turn plug your shoulder blades down onto your back creating more stability when transitioning down to the floor and leaving you setRead More →

How to do Downdog

The benefits of Downward facing dog Arguably the most well known yoga pose of non yoga practitioners, Downward facing dog is an important base pose that’s about so much more than just wagging your tail in the air. A full body stretch that creates space all the way up the back of your body releasing: your hamstrings, hips, thoracic spine (mid back), between your shoulder blades and even across your chest; this infamous pose is also an inversion and an entry level arm balance that precedes all of the challenging asanas that come under this heading. Added to this Downdog is also an important transitionalRead More →

Marichyasana c

The benefits of Marichyasana C A wonderful seated twist that gives all your internal organs a massage and wringing out by placing gentle pressure on them. Marichyasana is considered a detoxifying pose as it’s particularly beneficial in massaging your liver and kidneys, which both act as filters for the body. This seated spinal twist is also great fro your digestive system and can help give you more mobility and flexibility in your spine as well as helping you to find more space in your back, which in turn helps with elongation of the spine. Added to this it’s also a hip opener and with theRead More →

Trikonasana - Triangle pose

The benefits of Triangle pose – Trikonasana This strong standing pose is a fantastic way to build strength in the legs and core as well as opening up the chest and hips. Working with your deep internal psoas muscle to hold your torso extended towards to the floor, your legs will also get beautifully toned when practicing this challenging asana. Taking its name from the triangular stance that you put your body into; Triangle pose is easy to get wrong by trying to come too far too soon into the pose.The misconception is that Triangle pose is all about getting your hand down on theRead More →

Uttanasana - Standing Forward Fold

What are the benefits of Uttanasana? One of the key transitional poses in Vinyasa yoga, Uttanasana is a gateway between standing asanas and poses that bring your centre of gravity closer to the mat: such as low lunge, plank and cobra. A standing forward fold, or forward bend as you may also hear it called, allows us to draw in the energy that we’ve gathered from the sky above us down and in as we exhale forward into this releasing asana. When we come into a forward fold we release the whole back of our bodies and the whole myofascial chain (web of connective tissue)Read More →

Correct alignment of Tadasana

Why does correct alignment in Tadasana matter? So why exactly is mountain pose so important? Surely its just standing upright, right? Wrong! Tadasana is so much more than just standing to attention for your yoga teacher. Mountain pose works as a base pose from which pretty well all standing poses extend out. How can you expect to achieve proper alignement in a pose such as Tree pose, if your foundations, or ‘roots’ aren’t properly laid? Think about it; Tadasana is the point of entrance and exit for Sun salutations, the strong base which we extend out from into challenging one legged balances such as Exteneded-hand-to-big-toeRead More →