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How I found my Ocean Flow!

Born out of a love of the ocean and nature, Ocean Flow Fitness is about more than just keeping in good shape. Passionate about introducing people to a holistic approach to health and happiness, Ocean Flow aspires to create a deeper connection with your more natural sense of being through; Yoga & Wellbeing, SUP & Surf Fitness training, and international Yoga Retreats and Wellness workshops.

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About Emma the founder:

‘Cultivating a strong mental and physical connection to the inner workings of your yoga practice combined with breath and energy awerness, is paramount to every class for me. As a yoga teacher I try to arm all students, regardless of their level, with the tools that they need to explore their own practices in an informed, sustainable and safe way. This means an attention to an alignment thats right for your individual body and mind, not simply an aesthetic ideal, through the building of anatomical and energetic awerness combined with laughter and feel good vibes. I believe in the importance of a combination of strength, flexibility and mobility being developed together for a fully rounded yoga practice and for all round healthier, happier bodies and minds off the mat.

Meditation inside a mandala in a colourful yoga shalaMusic is an integral part of any class for me and an emotive tool which I use to energise in dynamic Vinyasa flows, calm in Hatha floor poses or Restorative yoga poses, or to bring you deep into a focused meditative state in the extra long holds of Yin Yoga.

I’m a fully qualified 700 hr certified Yoga instructor with diverse Indian based training in Multi-style yoga; including how to balance Yin and Yang energies and the 5 elements from both an Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective. My yoga training has also taken me to Thailand and Spain to deepen my studies into Yin yoga, Taoist Philosophy and Variable anatomy: a way of looking at the body which helps us to understand how to create poses that are right for your unique physiological make up. This deep understanding of the human body is further supported by a certification in Sports massage, through which I offer yoga therapy massage packages combing Myofascial release techniques with yoga asana and breath work.’

Ocean zen

Sup yoga on lake Geneva

As a passionate surfer I’m a big fan of Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) as strong core workout and a great accompaniment to Yoga, as well as a fantastic way to get some Ocean Zen time.”

Want to combine the two? Ocean Flow Fitness is offering SUP Yoga experiences throughout the spring/summer, as well as some revitalising Alpine Yoga retreats in the French Alps encompassing both SUP yoga and another Ocean Flow Fitness passion, Trekking. There’s even an Ocean Flow SUP yoga paddle board designed by Emma especially for Fatstick SUP & Surf for those that would like to practice SUP Yoga until their hearts content.

So what are you waiting for! Isn’t it time that you learnt to let go and find your own personal and unique flow?

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