How I found my Ocean Flow

Born out of a love of movement, the ocean and nature, Ocean Flow Fitness is passionate about introducing people to a holistic and autonomous approach to their health and happiness through; Yoga & Wellbeing, SUP & Surf Fitness training, and international yoga retreats and workshops.

Ocean Flow Fitness About

About Emma the founder

With over 800 hours of international yoga teacher training and manual therapy studies behind me and years of hands on experience running my own yoga studio; my inspirations draw equally from the ancient Eastern philosophies and sciences such as Taoism and TCM as from up to the minute developments in the world of movement and fitness.

As a yoga teacher and movement and mindfulness coach, I try to arm all students with the tools that they need to explore and take control of their own practices in an informed, safe and sustainable way. This means an attention to an alignment that’s right for your individual body and mind, not simply an aesthetic ideal, through the building of anatomical, breath and energetic awareness. Following the teachings of Yin yang theory, I believe in the importance of developing strength, flexibility and mobility of body, heart and mind for a fully rounded yoga practice and healthier, happier bodies off the mat.

surfer girl

Be like water…

Sup yoga on lake Geneva

As a passionate surfer and all round water baby, I’m a big fan of Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) as a strong core workout and a fantastic way to get some Ocean Zen time, made only more fun by doing yoga on top of your board! ‘

Want to combine the two? Ocean Flow Fitness offers SUP Yoga experiences throughout the Spring/Summer, as well as some revitalising Alpine Yoga retreats in the French Alps encompassing both SUP yoga and another of Emma’s passions, Trekking. There’s even an Ocean Flow SUP yoga board designed by Emma especially for Fatstick SUP & Surf for those that would like to practice SUP Yoga until their hearts content.

So what are you waiting for! Let yourself become like water… and start on the journey to find your Ocean Flow.


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