The 5 Elements and Yin Yoga The five phases, also known as the five elements, or Wu Xing, are the representation of how Qi moves throughout the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Although hard to define according to Western cultures, Qi is often translated as energy; however it is so much more than simply electrical vibrations. Qi is the air that we breath, the food that we eat, the environment we consume and the emotions and thoughts that we experience, all of which combined manifest in the blood and tissues through which it travels of the body. When Qi is travelling freely the 5Read More →

Ocean Flow Fitness About

Class Venues March 26th -April 3rd Please be aware that the folowing classes will be held in the restaurant next to the bar in The Newtown: Tuesday 26th March & Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd of April All 3 Wednesday classes will be held at Seacourt Tennis club on the following dates: Wednesday 27th March & Wednesday 3rd of March. Please also note that for the weeks starting the 1st and 8th of April Vicks will be taking all classes. Please treat bookings with her as you would with myself, notifying her of any holidays or swaps that you may want to do. I am offRead More →

sunset sea

The 5 Elements in TCM: Water Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear. Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself. ~ Lao Tzu Water is yielding yet all-conquering, all knowing yet often unforgiving, dense and hard or flowing and formless. Dark and cold like the winter which brings rise to its energy; water is introspective in its nature, encouraging hibernation into the deep abyss in order to germinate the seeds of Spring for the Wood element that proceed it. Water is considered the most Yin of all the elements and can beRead More →

SUP Yoga Portsmouth

SUP Yoga at The Portsmouth Watersports Centre Times for sessions on event days: 9.00am -10.30am 11.30am -13.00pm 16.00pm – 17.30pm 18.00 – 19.30pm May 16th June 20th July 18th August 8th September 5th The 1.5 hr session includes a paddle out in Langstone harbour and a fun SUP yoga class delivered by Emma from Ocean Flow Fitness. Please contact the Portsmouth watersports centre to book your place on a class. Boards and wetsuits are provided.  Read More →


Booking now open for the Sunday Yin yoga sessions! Places are limited so please book in advance. Below are the full dates for the Sunday sessions for the whole of 2019. To book on to either the 10.30 am- 12, or 5 – 6.30pm: £12, The Hayling Golf Club, please contact Emma oceanflowfitness@gmail.com for info and bookings.Read More →

Alpine flow yoga retreat

Alpine Flow Yoga Retreat Dates 2019 Alpine Flow Yoga Retreat Saint Jean D’Alpes, The Alps, France 6th – 9th June 13th – 16th June 29th – 1st August and September This 4 day break will cost you £496, which is inclusive of all yoga classes and equipment (1x morning and 1 x evening practice. 6 in total), a SUP yoga experience on Lake Geneva, a guided hike, an intro to meditation, mindfulness activities, accommodation in a twin room with ensuite for 3 nights and 4 days, 3 x vegetarian meals a day and all drinks (including tea/coffee/wine/beer), morning super smoothie pre-practice, airport transfers, local transfers,Read More →

Ocean Flow Fitness offers a specialist manual therapy package integrating the best knowledge from both Western and Eastern sciences. The Myofascial release therapy combines Sports Massage with yoga therapy and fascial release techniques; fascia is the often overlooked web of connective tissue that envelops every muscle, ligament, tendon and bone in the body and Myo stands for muscle. Both the more pliable muscles and the tougher plastic tissues such as the fascia can hold tensions and adhesions as well as emotional traumas. It is therefore important to work through both physical and energetic blockages in both types of tissue for a holistic therapy with longRead More →

8 best YouTube videos for body and mind 2018

Ocean Flow Fitness YouTube favourites from 2018 2018 saw the rise of multi disciplinary coaches and teachers offering a more integral, personalised approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing. The year in which we had more online apps and wrist worn trackers than ever to help monitor our food and fitness journeys, with a whole wealth of virtual studios and resources offering everything from workouts to meditation.   The year of interval training and booty building, mobility madness and animal movement, a love of all things mindfulness, the explosion of the fitness festival, the increasing international popularity and spread of yoga, the year of the vegan,Read More →

Yin Yang Yoga Retreat

An exciting opportunity to join two internationally trained yoga teachers and close friends; who share a passion of bringing you yoga practices that serve you’re individual body, mind and energetic needs. With a wealth of various yoga teacher trainings behind them, and experience teaching a multitude of styles across the globe, both teachers have a particular interest in the inner workings of the body and mind and how to arm students with the knowledge for self development and healing. After working for several years as a yoga teacher trainer in India Vicks is now developing her passion for the human body and healing through studyingRead More →

Surfers shoulder

How not to let a niggling shoulder get in the way of your surf trip Every surfer knows that there’s nothing that can quite throw a spanner in the works on a surf trip than the onset of surfers shoulder, otherwise known as swimmers shoulder. On a recent surf trip to Morocco I noticed that every other person seemed to be suffering from varying degrees of discomfort in this area; with the other half suffering from Moroc belly! Don’t let niggling pain in and around your shoulder girdle ruin your otherwise paradisiacal trip away to your dream waves. These tips below for both at homeRead More →